AXA Insurance Terms: Being mugged only insured if mugger wants my Curve card?

Hi Curve community,

I have a question on how you interpret the Curve Black AXA insurance terms. I read through them and am wondering about the conditions in Section K: “Personal Posessions Mugging”.

The terms on page 21 state that:

If you are assaulted during a trip abroad and your personal possessions are stolen at the same time as your covered card we will pay up to the amount shown in the Benefit Table to replace your personal possessions […]

Am I hence not insured if a mugger asks for all my posessions except for my Curve card? As far as I can tell this is the only place where the terms refer to that you have to use or carry your Curve card for being insured.

What applies if I only carry the card digitally (e. g. with Google Pay as soon it is available in continental Europe) but not physically with me?

That’s a good question. For me it looks like that ACA wants you to carry the card all the time to be insured. But what would happen if yogurt possessions would be stolen while you pay with your card? So the card will not be stolen in that case. Would this still be insured?

Insurance T&C’s are a nightmare… if your not familiar with them
It’s difficult to navigate. In addition, insurance companies are really good at ambiguity!!

The reason ‘covered card’ is bold is because there is a definition for curve card in the 35 page T&C’s which reads…

‘a Black or Metal card, issued by Curve, the card being valid, activated, and the account balance having been paid in accordance with the Cardholder agreement at the time of any incident giving rise to a claim’

I’m not giving you advice here, please check with curve or ax’s but my take is that you have an active curve subscription rather than the curve card has to be taken as part of the mugging

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