AXA Metal Rental Car Collision Damage Excess Waiver

I found something interesting in the conditions of the rental car waiver insurance at axa.
There is the condition, that the insurance will only cover damages on rental cars that have a listing price below 35.000€.
Normally, when I rent cars for holidays or travel, there are always more than 35.000€ in listing price.
Just when you rent a normal mercedes, like a C-Class, there are even more than 35.000€.

Maybe it would be better, when something could be changed with axa, that it dont depends on the listing price. Just insure the deductible of the rental car, like up to 5000€ or so.

Would be a much easier policy, which is cheaper for axa (because they dont have to insure it up to 25.000€) and it covers way more rental cars.

What do you think about it?


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