AXA Travel Insurance

Hi -

Apologies if this has been asked before - I searched and could not find the answer; neither could I find it on the AXA information.

Is the travel insurance:

a) Just for the cardholder?
b) For the cardholder + their partner (or travel companion)?
c) The same sort of insurance as I would buy if I was searching for annual travel insurance independently’?


Hey @nick69g, welcome to the community!

a) + b) It really depends on what part of the insurance you’re referring to. E.g. looking at the T&C’s the word you is used a lot. The initial definition on Page 11 is:

This seems to be applicable from Section A (Emergency Medical Expenses) to Section J (Hijack Cover).

Section K - Personal Possessions mugging then states a different definition of you:


Note: This definition is only applicable to Section K. The original definition mentioned earlier applies by default unless overriden in the section itself.

Section L - M doesn’t specify a different definition of you hence assume the initial one.

Section N (Rental Car collision) states the following definition of you:

As for c) That would purely depend on what annual travel insurance you’re looking at. Curve’s AXA Policy may have different limits to other policies, you’ll have to assess what works best for you.

I hope that helps explain things :slight_smile:


Thanks - great help!