BA payment probems, then overcharged

On Tuesday I went to to buy return flight for three people. On first attempt to pay using Curve the processing hanged for several minutes. On second attempt an unknown error happened. Pissed spending several extra minutes no that booking (I had to click through the whole process three times) I decided to pay using PayPal and Curve card from there.

This worked, except today I realized Curve overcharged me by £85 after the transaction has been processed. PayPal shows three transactions (probably each for one of three tickets) where their total is correct. Now I’m poorer by £85 pounds for devil knows how long and there is to way to talk with Curve representative about this.

This is more disappointing as I’m Curve Investor and I expect service I can trust. What would happen if I haven’t checked that transaction today? I normally don’t but I need to move it to another card. I wonder how many times I could be overcharged that way in the past? If that happened and haven’t been corrected that would be theft in the light of law. Scary.

Curve definitely has to correct their attitude to customer support, when we raise a ticket we need to be able to see it’s status, add additional information, add attachments later, see the estimated time to get any response, be able to schedule chat or phone call if we have to. Currently the part of the experience sucks. And I know what I’m saying as company I work for has very successful product on the market and I’ve seen the process of improving customer support from the inside and growth of satisfaction. Curve has massively large field for improvement here.

However, feel warned - if you booked flight tickets recently, check if your transactions in Curve are for the right amount.

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I have booked 3 flight recently
No problem
All went smooth

I think it will be reverted automatic since the payment failed

You can try to contact British airways on twitter, call them, Facebook
To see if they can revert the transaction

This wasn’t direct BA fault that there was overcharge, Curve fixed this actually pretty quickly (next day). The fact the communication is only over e-mail is between annoying and privacy/security concerning.

They have no idea, however, while transaction with BA didn’t went through while I wanted to pay with Curve directly.

Side note: I don’t use Twitter nor Facebook.