Back In Time and weekend rate question

I wonder if GBiT can cancel the weekend currency exchange fee.


  1. On Saturday, I pay in GBP (say £ 10) by mistake on a EUR card.
  2. There is a weekend fee, so I pay EUR 11 + EUR 0.11 of the fee.
  3. After some time, I realize that I used the wrong card, I use GBiT and transfer the payment to the card in GBP.
  4. The new card will be charged £ 10.

How much will be returned to the original card?
Will it be EUR 11 and I will lose the fee, or EUR 0.11 of the fee also come back (since in the end, after the correction thanks to GBiT, there was no currency conversion)???

I exactly made this ‘mistake’ Saturday a week ago. Withdrew 1000 CZK by mistake on an underlying EUR Card. Used GbiT to put it on a CZK card. On the original underlying EUR card the EUR amount and the EUR weekend fee were refunded.

So yes, I can confirm you will get the EUR amount and the weekend fee back, so in your example €11 + €0,11.

Do you want screenshots or do you take my word for it :wink:


Thanks for dispelling doubts.

No screenshot needed. I take your word for it :slight_smile:

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