Back in time duplicate credits

I used the back in time feature to move transactions from card A to card B a few days ago. Everything worked fine from the app and card B now shows the transactions but card A shows multiple credits against each transaction e.g. a transaction for £100 now shows 4 different credits for the same amount putting that card in £300 of overall credit. This is obviously a mistake and i doubt im getting a surprise of some free money, but will it correct itself or is this something i need to report?

Hey @Greenhornetuk, thanks for mentioning this error. It’s worth flagging this to the support team just in case. The issue would be resolved automatically in the coming days but it’s not worth the risk of it dropping out of your account at an unexpected moment and possibly leaving you in the lurch. :grin:

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Thanks ive dropped support an email. Just doesnt sit right with it showing me in masses of credit when it should be balanced at zero

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I’d be feeling exactly the same in the shoes. Let us know how it turns out!