Back In Time issue

Something strange happened in the application.
I tried to do BiT, but despite the characteristic sound BiT did not happen, so I tried it a second time - everything went without problem.
After a while, I checked the card statement and noticed that the transaction was duplicated. Have any of you had a similar problem?

I have never encountered such issue before and neither have I heard about it here in the community. However, it seems like it’s a simple technical bug. Have you tried contacting the Curve support team at They should be able to revert the duplicated transaction. Please let us know here in the community if you have any further info regarding that case.

P.S Jeśli chcesz zadać pytanie po polsku, mamy teraz swoją sekcję tutaj. :poland:

Yes I contacted by chat but did not get too sensible answer. I am waiting for now, the transaction still figure as pending (for 3 days), so it may disappear by itself.

P.S. dobrze wiedzieć na przyszłość :smiley: