Backup source card

Sometimes when i doing some special transactions, i forgetting to switch back to my main source card in Curve app. And then, during my next card payment, my bank refusing it due to insufficient funds on my card.

Maybe Curve can add additional option to choose a “backup” source card, in case of such situation. And if charge of current choosen card is imposible (due to unsufficient funds, some problems with bank system etc.), Curve will automaticall charge backup card, without transaction rejection?

Of course if backup card will be inappropriate for such transaction, we can always use “Go back in time” option.

The “Go back in time” feature would seem to be just the thing for that situation.

(That’s how I use in anyway :slightly_smiling_face:).

That works if your transaction is successfully charged to the wrong card, at which point you can move it to whichever card you want, but not in this situation:

I would love to see a backup card too :slight_smile:


I just wan’t to avoid a quite embarassing situation at shop, when my payment is refused due to insuffient fund on current card. This will be also helpful for cyclical payments like spotify or netflix subscription. Just in case if i forgot to change card after my previous transaction. In some situations card change in Curve and re-payment can be difficult.

Curve will just try to charge payment from second card, instead of payment refusing.

And i reported this as idea, not as a bug :slight_smile:


Personally, I think it’s a very easy mistake to make and a very good idea that would be useful to quite a lot of people.

Not everyone is constantly switching cards - I have two or three cards on Curve that I use for only one transaction each per month. I often forget to switch back. Luckily they’re all credit cards so it doesn’t matter, but I can see it being a common enough occurrence that this feature would be pretty useful.


I get it now :grin:

Being the upstanding chap that I am, I can now see the use case.

Yep, I like it - can we run this one past the team, @Curve_Marie?

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Discussion seems to be going further and further OT now.

Cleaned up with a bit of a post cull and reopened so that voting may continue for those interested in this proposal

Now where were we…?

Oh yes - @Curve_Marie - can you run this idea past the developer team, perchance?

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The problem with that is what is your backup card is the one without the money in there ?

I can see there is a benefit to having something like this, but its not going to solve the problem if you only use two cards and the back up one is the one rejected.

I think the idea behind the original thought was that typically most people have a ‘primary’ card, but occasionally have to switch to a ‘secondary’ card.

Clearly if the ‘primary’ card is set up as the backup, and both are declined, then the transaction will be declined. The likelihood is that the ‘primary’ card will have funds because that’ll be the one that the user was expecting to be charged.

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I’m reading it that if primary card itself failed, you’d fall back onto the backup card. If both fail through their own fault, that’s that.

If both have in insufficient funds, that’s down to you. Curve will have done it’s job.

That sound about it?

(Of course this conversation assumes there’s a vague possibility of implementation - could be a waste of chat…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:).


This sounds like a great idea :relaxed: Thanks for sharing! We have now passed it on to the product team and will see what are their thoughts about it.


Great idea!

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Maybe a good option would be temporary switches. i.e. Switch to this card for 1 day/hour, then automatically switch back to the previous card.


Hey, Joan from the product team at Curve.

Thanks for raising this problem "…doing some special transactions, i forgetting to switch back to my main source card in Curve app. And then, during my next card payment, my bank refusing it due to insufficient funds…”. We have been looking at it and there are many solutions mentioned here, really good brainstorming.

Summarising them and adding some more solutions as follows:

  • Back up source card. (pros) would solve the problem while back up card has funds (cons) once Curve gets a response back from the issuing bank “insufficient funds” it is not possible to send a new authorisation request message to another bank, it would require a double authorisation request on every transaction, so to make a hold of funds on two accounts given auth is successful on both. Does not solve the problem “doing some special transaction, i forget to switch back…”. Still a chance the back up card has no funds.

  • Select card for a one off purchase, then it selects back the primary one. (pros) solves the issue of “i forgetting to switch back to my main source card”. (cons) does not solve the issue of declines due to lack of funds.

  • Decline App Notification: instantly prompt in the app a notification with the reason of the decline “insufficient funds” and being able to select another card within the notification. Then attempt the payment a second time. (pros) solves the problem of switching back to the primary card (cons) it has to be attempted a second time the payment.

  • Low Balance on the selected card warning: When the balance of the selected card is low, push notification with option to select a secondary card. (pros) solves the issue of “during my next card payment, my bank refusing “. Prevents the issue before the payment. (cons) It depends on PSD2 implementation not yet done, so long term solution.

Please let me know what you think about each option, any preferences, any more ideas very welcome.

Many thanks for your collaboration :slight_smile:


I think I like @adams idea.

When switching cards, give options for e.g.:

“Until I change it”
“The next hour”
“The next 1 transaction”
“Custom time/transactions”

Or similar, then automatically switch back to the previous card (or better, a default card selected by the user)?

That said, the Decline App Notification option would be good to have as well just anyway. I would like to get much more information about the reason for declines.


Another con of this is that it doesn’t help if you have no signal, which is also when I’m likely to not be able to change cards or to check the balance on a card before paying. The same goes for the low balance warning.

I think my favourite option would be to select a card for a one-off purchase or for a limited time as suggested by @andyk


@andyk really good options suggested here.

If we had to do just 2 options which ones would you chose firstly, just trying to get an understanding of the value of each. Feel free to suggest more options. Thanks.

As for me The next 1 transaction is ideal, in addition to current behaviour. It’d be extremely useful with Curve Rewards cards and, probably, with holiday bookings.