Bad Curve experience so far

So far my Curve experience is bad. Received my Blue card the day the Wirecard issues started, so no fun in using it. Now I read that the card can be used and added to the Apple Wallet again, unfortunately not mine. It’s refused by Apple Wallet.
I’m also unable to add one of my MasterCards (ICS card) to the Curve Blue card. Unrelated most likely, but still.

For both issues I sent a request for help, but no answer so far. I’m not going to try to buy something with the Curve card, not enough faith in the system yet. I’ll wait another 48 hours, and then I’m gone.

Pitty, looked so promising.


Adding the card to Apple Pay manually worked for me this morning.
The button in the app didn‘t work.

also got the ICS Card, I was able to add the card some months ago.
Do you get a error or so?

Best wishes

Thanks ToW3R179, that solved the issue with Apple Pay.

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Yes, that this type of card isn’t supported. Only Visa and MasterCard. I’ve added my Visa Gold Card successfully, but I’m unable to add the MasterCard Classic.

Mhmm okay, I have a ICS Visa Card, that is addable.

I have got same issue! But I have paid £150 for mine and it doesn’t work!

@roma0803 make sure you read the latest updates: Wirecard: Updates

It is mentioned there that some cards are not possible to add since the Wirecard issue and they are working on it currently.

Curve have completly moved away from Wirecard in the recent few days, which is not a simple operation. The goal was to restore at least the basic functionalities as fast as possible. Now they are working on fixing the remaining things. We need to be patient in the next 1-2 weeks.

Seen it, but seems unrelated to the issue I’m experiencing with this particular card.

Sorry to hear your experiences are not what you expected them to be.

For me personally, I have no problems using Curve Blue. I too have an ICS Card (ABNAMRO) which was seamlessly integrated into Curve. I heard from a couple of other ICS Card holders that they did have issues with their cards, though. I have no idea what the difference is between one card or the other.

And… well… yeah. This Wirecard issue. I didn’t like it either, as all Curve services stopped working all of a sudden. I did realise that this is beyond Curve’s control, and for me, the power and flexibility of a company lies in how well they handle crises. I think Curve has done (and is doing) an excellent job there :slight_smile:

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Can you use your ICS card outside of Curve?

Yes, without problem.

Hey! sorry to hear this! The bug has been fixed and users should be able to add their cards to the Apple Wallet. Could you please contact support at

Same here not able to add my renewed Mastercard that replaces the expired one. So far no one at Curve has been able to resolve the issue.

Nope. I got a mail from support that they’re working on it… Nothing about time lines when it might be fixed, so not very helpful.

When I imagine the complexity of dealing with issuers of many countries and specific types of card, I see how hard would it be for the support to promise a timeline, Robbert.

What I can say is that I use Curve for about 1 year with 2 ICS cards: Bijenkorf Master and ANWB Visa, and both work without flaw now. Curve is indeed a great service that I suggest you try making the first purchase with it and that you keep calm while waiting for the full fix. Totally worth it :slight_smile:

Then you are lucky. It worked until my Bijenkorf Mastercard issued by ICS expired and I had to add the renewed card with only a different expiration date and CVC number. Then I get a message stating that this type of card is not supported and for now you can only add VISA or Mastercard cards. Well that is what I am trying to do. Send numerous emails to support, but no solution. This makes Curve for me useless and very unreliable.