Bad service for metal customers or is it just me?

Hi everyone

Recently I upgrade my curve account to metal and since then all I have is bad service. I wrote in the chat and they stopped replying and then I wrote in the help section on their website a few days ago and again no response. Is there anyway to contact and escalate or request for a refund because I think 150€ for this pathetic service is too much.

Kind regards

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Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Let me be the first to apologise for the the less then ideal service you’ve received.

You can contact the Curve team on Twitter @AskCurve that does seem to get the wheels turning quicker.

Thanks for your question.


It’s the same for me sadly… not impressed at all… an open ticket for about 10 days… got an initial response that I answered after that I have got nothing…

Also a payment that got passed on from embarrassment mode is now showing as declined, but I cannot ask questions about that transaction because I already have one of the chats open with a pending issue…

Nah I am giving it some more months and If it’s not getting better I am cancelling it…

And people chiming in telling us to harass curve on twitter… just don’t. It’s ridiculous.

Harassment? No no no no no, that twitter account is set up exclusively for getting help with everything Curve via Twitter. If you don’t want to use it that’s up to you but it won’t stop me from informing people that it is there to be used.

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We shouldn’t need to go to another platform to get support

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Even though it was set up for that very purpose?

It’s your right not to use it and no one is forcing you. You do what’s right for you. :+1:

You really don’t see the problem here ?

I don’t to be honest.

Some poor guy has paid 150euros for a service that should include priority support and he’s advised to go on twitter to get some help… if this is how it’s supposed to be I guess there’s no problem…

No he is advised to go on Twitter if he had tried other points of contact and had seemingly had no luck reaching somebody that could help. That’s what I think you’re not seeing.

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Do you work for curve? I got that impression when you replied and started to apologising for his experience

Nope I’m a user just like yourself.

Unfortunately Curve Customer Service has been terrible for quite some time now. If you wait 2-4 weeks, you might get a response back, that is if they don’t close your case after 10 days of inactivity.

I did get a response after writing a message on Twitter but it was also not acceptable because that’s not how service should be that one has to complain on different platforms to recieved the service they paid for.

Also, the SLA is 48 Hrs for customers which I think for other elite memberships in the market means a dedicated customer service segment in the company for elite customers.

In the email I got, they just made an excuse that they are changing their Customer Service Platform and it’s not easy for them and bla bla bla and to add to they said they mentioned it on the community page which I find shameless because I just discovered about the community page a few days ago and I think the formal medium of communication is Email. That I would say is basics and they are failing to deliver it. I mean there are changes one makes to systems but they shouldn’t impact the customers in such a terrible way.

I am just gonna put this up on Twitter. I even didn’t get my metal card and it’s been 10 days.
Apart from that in they themselves don’t reply in the community or what? Is it just for the sake of it??

Tip for Curve if they decide to read this someday: Customer Service is one of the most important aspects in ITSM and you as a product + service provider need to improve your service. See how you are losing customers here just because of bad service

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