Bank Account aggregation + transaction analysis

It would be interesting to have the opportunity to consolidate bank accounts on Curve and initiate payments from there (Revolut is starting to do a similar think). This feature will bring two benefits for users: a one stop shop for payments either with cards and cc accounts and the ability to consolidate and summarize all transactions. Along with Curve Credit and a little bit of AI to produce valuable insights, Curve would become a single hub for personal financial management

It’s just not all that easy… Look at Yolt, Emma, Money Dashboard

They’re also much more likely to become PISPs than Curve

Yolt, Emma etc as far as now are just info aggregators, they still not are in PISP space. Curve already deals with payment transaction for cards and it’s starting to lunch credit feature. I think it should far more better positioned.

Yolt has started payment initiation.

I’ll hold my breath until it has a licence

I saw that fintech Sync. is starting aggregating all bank accounts. I like an idea and it would be great to have it in Curve app. But probably it is very consuming time process to cooperate with all banks to implement their support. Maybe good idea will be cooperate with some fintech which is working on it already.