Bank transfer?

Can I send money to a friend’s bank account? Can’t find any information regarding this in the app…any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello ! Why not sending the money direct from the underlying card ? your underlying cards are linked to bank accounts, that means you just do a bank wire…no ? Pat.


Ahhh I see! Thank you so so much Pat! I’m such a dozy so and so! Lol thank you for your help…i’ll try that…I’m not sure how to do it but i shall give it a good try :grinning:

Unfortunately this isn’t possible yet.

Curve are working on a money transfer service, but unfortunately for now it’ll only be between Curve accounts.

I have spent a lot of time telling them that this isn’t really enough - hopefully they’ll heed my advice soon and extend it to direct-to-bank and direct-from-third-party-card transfers.

In the meantime, if you’re moving money from a current account your bank should have a facility to send somebody money based on their Account Number and Sort Code, or an IBAN in Europe. Your bank will be able to help you with this, although you’ll need to get the details from whoever you’re paying.

If you want to pay from a credit card, then the only way I’m aware of is Billhop, but there is a fee involved and I cannot recommend them because - although they’re on my ‘to try’ list - I haven’t used them yet.

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Thank you so much for the reply :grinning:

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Is it possible to transfer money in curve from say a registered debit card to a registered credit card? If not Why?
I really like all curves functions and this option would be very handy.
Curve, Any chance you could introduce this?