Banned from Curve

So curve closed my account at the end of 2019 for “cash recycling”. I lodged a complaint with the regulator, but it seems to have been lost in the covid backlog or something. Not critical, as curve is an extra, not essential.

I’ve read and re-read curve terms at the time and since, and I wasn’t cash recycling, full stop.

I’m wondering how many customers curve has ditched on spurious grounds. I suspect I was blocked because unprofitable…

No your account was closed because of cash recycling as you’ve said above.

Unfortunately once your account has been closed there is nothing we can do*. I would advise you to email customer service and see if they can help you further.

Thanks for your question.

*There wouldn’t be much we could do anyway as the vast majority of us are users just like you were formally.

I’ve asked them if they’ve had any update to my complaint, but got no reply. Hmmm

It’s interesting that they’ve since updated the cash recycling terms somewhat - the original terms were ridiculously loose. Though I still didn’t breach them :man_shrugging:

Well i guess they clearly believe that you did. And the fact you stated above that you think your account was ‘unprofitable’ indicates that perhaps you were using it for not just ordinary spending. Although i suppose they are entitled to allow access to their service only to whom they wish.

At the time, I’d paid HMRC a couple of times in a month, back before fronted was a thing. And I wasn’t putting much else through curve, as it was causing havoc tracking my spending in (at the time) Money Dashboard…

They are - within the confines of the law. They need a basis in their terms to deny you service, as far as I understand it, it can’t just be arbitrary. I’d follow up with the regulator, but I don’t think I have the energy :joy:

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The regulator is the Financial Conduct Authority, which collates reports about a regulated firm by multiple consumers, but which will not investigate individual complaints.

You should have instead complained to the Financial Ombudsman Service, which is not a regulator and has no powers to tell a firm how to operate, but is an alternative dispute resolution service.

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