Barclaycard aren't accepting Curve for repayments

Because that enables you to have 0% interest for eternity. Every card gets 30-50 days of free credit before payment is due. You could cycle between 2 cards all the time.


But you could only do so up to the credit limit they’re willing to issue you with.

It seems that Barclaycard will no longer allow users to pay Barclaycard using curve.

Correct, you won’t be able to make your monthly Barclaycard payment using your Curve card but then this is common sense to prevent people using credit to pay credit.

In theory you can pay your entire balance using your curve assigned to your credit card which means each month all the spend would be new and you would be in a forever interest free cycle.

Barclaycard don’t have any plans to restrict Curve from genuine spends.

Non UK barclaycard user here. So just to clarify, up to now you were able to pay off the monthly statement from the credit card with another credit card? If so, WOW!
And yes, paying with Curve and using Barclaycard as underlying card would allow to do this infinite.

Yes, and you can still do this with non-Barclaycard credit cards. Curve’s Fair Use Policy says that

Curve does not allow you to pay off your credit card bills with an underlying credit card selected in the Curve app.

However this does not appear to be enforced, and many people apparently do it. I suspect Curve just put that in their fair use policy to stop credit card companies getting angry with them. If they actually wanted to block it, they certainly could - they blocked paying off credit card bills with Amex for the short time that Amex was available.

So this is a normal thing in the UK to do? Paying off cards with other cards? Doesn’t exist in Germany but would be really cool!

It’s totally normal to pay off a credit card with a debit card. Credit card companies will not let you pay off a credit card with another credit card though (other than a balance transfer), and will block the transaction. Curve allows you to circumvent this, as it is a debit card. It’s not surprising that Barclaycard are not happy with this circumvention - the surprising thing is that nobody else has blocked Curve yet.


Well, that they don’t block it now it doesn’t mean that you won’t get a hefty bill eventually. You’re going against the T&Cs from both platforms and you have a contract with a CC, good luck with that :).

PS: Everyone pays

A “safer” method that doesn’t breach the terms is to top up current accounts (starling, Monzo, loot, now dozens too) with the Curve and an underlying credit card, then pay your credit card with your current amount debit card instead.

That’s not really safer. Your credit card company would be well within their rights to charge you a cash advance fee. In fact some (eg. Tesco) have started doing that.

Honestly, also being a Non-UK user I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I frequently pay credit cards with other credit cards and issuers have absolutely no problem with that or restrictions on it. Is their problem that they don’t get to charge interest on it if you keep cycling the money?

If so seems a bit greedy. As long as you’re paying them I don’t see how it is any of their business where you got the money from, if from another credit card or not

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Sure, you still have to watch out for that.

any update on this?

Barclays sadly are very strict and seem to penalize Curve users in a way other card providers dont.

Just tried now to pay my statement with Curve and a debit underlying card, got this error from Barclaycard “This isn’t a valid debit card number”. Seems they just banned the BIN for Curve altogether.

I even got a letter from Barclaycard a few months ago asking me not to pay via Curve as they don’t know if I am paying with debit or credit card

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It hasn’t been supported by Barclaycard for many months now, as @tommy_ash says :frowning:

I tried to do this and it failed. Barclaycard another card on the do not use pile as a result…