Barclaycard Avios Card

Hi Guys,

Anyone tried to add the new Barclaycard Avios Card to there Curve “portfolio”,

It’s bringing up a Verifying Error , saying “Attempts Exceeded” .

I’ve got a curve metal Card, and have put to support ticket in. But thought i might get a quicker response back from the forum.

Hope to hear some feedback soon


Hello @Smallhorse,

How often did you try to verify the new payment card?

If you fail to verify your new card multiple times it gets blocked then contacting the support is the only way to still get your card activated.

it blocked on the first attempt

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You could try to remove the card and re-add it but it could block the card completly from being re-added.

I would suggest waiting for the curve customer service to check the case.

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Over at Head for Points website they are suggesting that the new Barclaycard Avios card is being issued using a Corporate BIN number, which Curve then see’s as a corporate credit card and refuses to support. This is an absolute pain as I am waiting for my new Barclaycard Avios credit card to arrive and was planning to use it with Curve. Even upgraded to Curve Metal in anticipation. But now looks like that plan is scuppered.

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Yeah same here. Getting the same error message. Have emailed Support but if a broader issue the card will be going back to Barclaycard.

Apparently the new Barclaycard Avios credit card doesn’t work with Apple Pay either.
I rang them today and they couldn’t even find my card because of this issue of them using a Corporate BIN number. And to top it off they’re announcing a new sign-up offer later this month to encourage those who couldn’t sign up at launch to try again. So those of us who did sign up at launch get stiffed. Brilliant customer service.


Seems that someone over on Head for Points website has got card the new Barclaycard Avios credit card registered with Curve. Not sure if Curve Fronted is working though.

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Hello @h1jfg,

Curve supports corporate/business and personal cards.

If a card is not supported then before it will add your card to your portfolio it will show an error message saying “Card not supported.” instead.

If a card is not supported you can request it.

To get the correct size of your BIN (first 6-8 numbers) you can check it here:

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What is the BIN (first 6 digits)?

BIN = bank identification number. Therefore “BIN number” = “bank identification number number”, i.e. double number. It’s simply called “BIN”. Same as PIN.

First six digits on the new Barclaycard Avios Credit card are 530128

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I’ve tried several BIN checkers and I see no indication of this being a corporate card. As a comparison, the same BIN checkers identify Curve’s commercial cards with a 5375 91 BIN as being commercial/business.

Thank you for creating this thread. As an existing Barclays Avios and Barclaycard customer, I have been planning to pay £15 for one month’s use of this new Barclaycard Avios card, spanning two Curve calendar months of £10k fronted, add £20k to my ISA via Curve and then downgrade to the free Barclaycard Avios card. I have already been waiting for Head for Points’ “exclusive special offer, but it seems that I might have to wait longer.

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I had exactly the same issue as you.

However I called Barclaycard yesterday and they told me my 16 digit card number wasn’t even a valid card number. This is a Barclaycard issue. I actually got super annoyed with them after being cut off, and then placed on hold and then speaking to someone to be transferred again.

I have closed the account which I only received yesterday and made a further formal complaint.

The whole Barclaycard Avios Plus product is unspeakably awful. I have never encountered a credit card that was so fundamentally unfit for purpose.

The problem in adding it to Curve seems to be linked to the widely reported 3DS problems (every single purchase that requires 3DS goes straight to decline for me - though Barclays tell me they can see no declines on their end and they are stumped.)

Curve support tell me that from their end, they’re being told I “don’t have enough money in my account” (In reality, I have a generous credit limit that I can’t use to pay for very much more than a newspaper at the moment!)

I also have multiple complaints open with Barclays about this shambles of a product and am really questioning whether the SUB and upgrade voucher is worth the hassle. £20 a month for a credit card that, fundamentally, cannot be used online.

I’m both over the moon and very sad to have found this forum. Had the same problems with curve and Apple Pay and getting no where. Tried to call Barclaycard today and after being told it was a 5 minute wait, I gave up after 35 mins.

Spoke to Curve who said authentication failed because there are not enough funds in the account which is clearly wrong.

It’s so frustrating that Barclaycard are so useless. These are basic issues

Barclaycard states on its web site:

Can anyone use Apple Pay?

As long as you have a compatible device and a Barclaycard, you’ll be able to use Apple Pay. However, Apple Pay doesn’t work with:

  • Woolwich Open Plan Gold
  • Business Barclaycard
  • Barclaycard Commercial Cards

Given that Barclaycard prevents its Avios card customers from using Apple Pay, the above promise is a misleading action in breach of Regulation 5(5)(b)&(m) of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. The omission of the Barclaycard Avios card from the above list is a misleading omission in breach of Regulation 6 of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

Therefore until Barclaycard makes Apple Pay and other features available, you can demand a refund of the monthly fee (£15 or £20). If Barclaycard refuses, then you can complain free of charge to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


Finally, I’ve managed to get mine added to Curve today. I can’t say that I trust the card though as I’ve had multiple declines online. It still won’t work with the Greggs app or Dominos app. When you see the dreaded 3DS page pop up, forget it.

I’ve seen reports from Barclaycard that either Apple Pay is unsupported or coming soon. Considering we rarely use a physical card these days, that’s pretty annoying. They should at least put a notice on their sign up page explaining that there’s no support. Assuming payments succeed with Curve, at least there’s a hope now…

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I’ve managed to register mine with Curve now too. The 3DS issues appear to be fixed.

My new Barclays Avios card arrived last week and I went through multiple set-up issues – none of the temporary passwords I setup at application worked, I was completely locked out of the set-up process and trying to ring anyone connected to completely dead phone lines. I finally managed to get it set-up after about 2 hours and managed to get set-up on Curve. The Barclaycard app is terrible, won’t set-up with open banking, error messages, etc. The real zinger was a letter in the post yesterday from Barclaycard making sure it’s me using the card for the last week AND a follow-up email asking me to set-up my card. None of this is instilling a huge amount of confidence in my decision to take out the card in the first place. It may end up being a very short-lived relationship with Barclaycard.