Barclaycard Avios Card

Is there anyone (who has actually managed to get their BarclayCard Avios Plus credit card working with Curve) who can confirm whether a normal credit card payment via Curve will generate the 1.5x Avios points per £1 when it hits the Barclaycard.

Will report back but not yet. Spent some money through curve yesterday which has shown up as a pending transaction on Barclaycard but nothing showing up on avios as yet (I have linked my avios account through the Barclaycard app)

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Got my replacement Barclaycard Avios Plus card today. Tried to register it with Curve. Failed.

Can confirm that curve purchases have generated avios as expected


I had this same issue with adding my new Barclaycard Avios Plus.

The problem seemed to be when it reached the 3DS stage, it would give the same error.

After going back and forward with Curve support it started working and I have been successafully using the card with Curve for over a week now.

I’m not sure if the issue was something that Curve fixed on their end, or if it was something that Barclays fixed in their 3DS, or if it was just good timing.

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Same problems here but got it added and working after waiting a day after activating the card with Barclays. My curve spend is showing as pending avios - which seems OK.

However in the Barclaycard app, my welcome bonus’s and upgrade voucher’s “Spent” figures are stuck on £0 even though I’ve spent over £750 in multiple transactions. Is this the same for anyone else?

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I’ve just received my new Avios Barclaycard. Won’t work with Apple Pay, but worked 1st time with Curve. However, Curve has identified it as a Mastercard?! Just had a payment on Amazon work via Curve and the new card. Yet to try it IRL

Just noticed that new Barclaycard IS World Elite Mastercard?!

Apparently Barclaycard realise it’s been a pretty bad experience…was pleasantly surprised by a bonus 5,000 avíos.

Got my Avios card yesterday, and managed to get it set up and linked to Curve, after a bit of a faff.

I did GBIT yesterday evening, which worked and find and the amount showed up on the Avios card as being spent.

But it hasn’t shown up on the offer for spending £1000 in 3 months to get 5k Avios. That is still sitting at £1000.

Does any know if it takes a few days to appear on that, or if GBIT doesn’t count towards Avios, or towards that offer?

Hey, I also received mine yesterday but I can’t get the card added to Curve. Curve keeps saying “unable to verify your card”. Looks like Curve might be trying to bring up 3Ds verification and failing - I just get a blank blue screen then the Curve error dialog appears. Don’t suppose you know what faff you did to fix it? :grinning:

It was just the long winded process of first authorising the card on the Barclaycard website, and then another long-winded process of getting the Barclaycard app working and logged in too. After doing both of those it seemed to work. It wouldn’t add to Curve before I’d done both of those though.

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Ah awesome, thank you. I have the card activated and working in shops, but I haven’t yet got into the app. Waiting for this “PIN Sentry” device to be delivered…

Thanks a lot - I’ll wait to get the app going and then try again. Perhaps Barclays systems are unable to fall back to SMS based verification until you get the app set up…

I don’t have a pin sentry thing either. It gave me an option to do it another way. Think it was showing my driving licence and recording a video or something

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Any update on this?

Hey :wave:. Yes the Avios did appear in the end. It does seem to take maybe 4-5 days to change from pending to being credited.

Although - it has credited against the offer for spending £1k in 3 months to get the extra 5000 Avios. But the spend hasn’t credited against the offer of spending £20k in a year for upgrade vouchers. That’s still showing £0/£20k spent. :man_shrugging:

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That’s good - meeting the 3 month spend target is the main thing I hoped GBIT would assist.

Has anyone managed to connect to the card via open banking, either within Curve or elsewhere?

I can’t connect it and am wondering if the issue is specific to my account or a more general problem?

In case useful for anyone else, have discovered the issue seems to be the Barclaycard app rather than a lack of support for open banking. Am able to connect by removing the Barclaycard app from the phone and connecting via Barclaycard website instead.

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Strange - I got my Barclays card and managed to get it added within 10 minutes. No issues using it so far, but still waiting for the 5K avios.

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Sounds like some good planning! May I ask what provider you use for ISAs which allows the use of Curve?