Barclaycard Avios Card

Are you referring to adding the account via open banking (my money > balances > add account) or just connecting the card?

It’s the former that was problematic before I discovered a workaround. Connecting the card was no problem.

How is everyone getting on with using the Barclaycard Avios card on Curve? It looks to me like when you use GBIT Barclaycard see that as a refund (rather than, say, paying off the transaction), and then also seek to refund/remove the Avios? Since I for the card I’ve earnt about 6k Avios, which are now in the “Avios you’ve earnt with us” pot, but my “Pending Avios” is -2k due to it removing them when I GBIT the transaction. I’m not sure why it’s not -6k, but it does seem like they remove Avios if you GBIT, even after the transaction has settled. Anyone else seeing this?

This is always the case. If you use GBIT, Curve refunds the transaction to the previous underlying card and charges it as a new transaction to the new underlying card. Refunds reduce rewards with all credit card issuers. Why do you expect any different behaviour?

I think all my GBIT transactions (switching from another card to Barclaycard) resulted in Avios points which have now been sent to my BAEC account. I haven’t completely cross checked my statement with the list of transactions shown in the Avios activity list, but I’m pretty sure all the GBIT transactions are in the Avios activity list.

I did my GBIT transactions in mid April.

Thanks. Yes I think that would work fine. My situation is first putting them on the Avios card to gain the Avios, then after a week or so, after they’ve settled, GBIT away from Avios to another card to get cashback (Plutus card). Some have given me the Avios fine, but also plenty have then resulted in the Avios being retracted again.

The latter is what is supposed to happen, and is what you should expect.

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Yes maybe, you’r right - certainly from Barclaycards point of view it is what should happen I agree. But there are plenty of examples of cashback/points cards etc, that not only stack, but allow you to collect rewards even after you have GBIT afterwards. My Sainsburys CC for example collects all the Nectar points and doesn’t remove them after I GBIT the transaction away.

This surprises me. What other cards does this work with?

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My Sainsburys Nectar card takes away the points after GBiT or a refund

I must be lucky I guess! The main points/rewards/cashback cards I currently use are Plutus. Barclaycard Avios, Sainsburys.

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Looks like I’ve just been lucky!

can someone tell me how to get this card working on curve please?
i too am getting the not verified error

Has anyone managed to register a supplementary Barclaycard Avios Plus in Curve? I had the usual issues with adding the primary card initially, but got it working. Now that a supp has arrived for OH so we can race through sign-up bonus spend, I want it too on OH’s Curve card (and will also apply GBIT), yet face the validation failure. As it seems one can’t register the supp card within the Barclaycard app, there is potentially no way to get it to pass 3DS (so how does one pass security checks then for any other online purchases etc. on supp card?). Anyone experienced this or got any advice please?

Ah, just picked up some advice from HfP re this, but any other advice welcome:

Hi guys, looking to get the barclaycard avios premium to add to my curve metal, I have curve fronted, I recently left Virgin Atlantic credit card because they started adding balance transfers and cash advance charges when paying for my amex with curve, does anyone know if barclaycard a more lenient withnot charges me these charges or any interest on paying with amex or any other bills?

A couple of months ago my Barclaycard Avios stopped working with Curve. All transactions were rejected. I guess this was better than paying 5% fees and debit interest though!

Before my Metal card was closed due to this and other issues, the matter was investigated by Curve but, predictably, being a difficult issue was never resolved.

Barclaycard Visa including the Honors card, still work with Curve Fronted with no fees . If you can get Avios to work that’s a good return. I would not have any confidence in these options being available going forward and I would not rely on assistance from Curve.

I seem to know more about Curve’s business than they do. That’s not good!