Barclaycard Avios Plus and HMRC

Hello - I have upgraded to Metal and want to use Fronted to pay an HMRC tax bill backed onto my Barclaycard Avios Plus card. Metal gives your £10,000 pm fee-free Fronted transactions.
But I’m not sure if Barclaycard see this as an “eligible purchase” – I’m after the £10,000 x 1.5 = 15,000 Avios… Anyone have success with this? Or alternatively suggestion to get the Avios at a low fee?

My Barclaycard Avios stopped working with Curve a couple of months ago with no transactions being authorised. It wasn’t resolved and was one of the reasons I cashed in my Curve Metal account. If you can actually get Curve to work with the Avios MasterCard you’re doing well!!

Update on this. I made the payment today.

Initially the HMRC payment failed, and then I received a notification in the app, to advise that the daily limit was £7500. Having changed the amount to £7500 it was processed successfully.

With Curve Metal there is a £10k per month fee-free limit for Curve Fronted, so I’ll pay another £2500 tomorrow.