Barclaycard Avios Plus and HMRC

Hello - I have upgraded to Metal and want to use Fronted to pay an HMRC tax bill backed onto my Barclaycard Avios Plus card. Metal gives your £10,000 pm fee-free Fronted transactions.
But I’m not sure if Barclaycard see this as an “eligible purchase” – I’m after the £10,000 x 1.5 = 15,000 Avios… Anyone have success with this? Or alternatively suggestion to get the Avios at a low fee?

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My Barclaycard Avios stopped working with Curve a couple of months ago with no transactions being authorised. It wasn’t resolved and was one of the reasons I cashed in my Curve Metal account. If you can actually get Curve to work with the Avios MasterCard you’re doing well!!

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Update on this. I made the payment today.

Initially the HMRC payment failed, and then I received a notification in the app, to advise that the daily limit was £7500. Having changed the amount to £7500 it was processed successfully.

With Curve Metal there is a £10k per month fee-free limit for Curve Fronted, so I’ll pay another £2500 tomorrow.

So I was planning to pay HMRC using Barclaycard Avios Plus with Curve Fronted on. I only have the free card so not fussed about the fee as it’s a small amount.

Did your payments go through ok and not get charged as cash transactions etc?

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I used Curve Metal and payments went through without a problem. No extra fees.

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Did a test payment first and wasn’t charged anything extra by Barclaycard so paid the rest and that was fine too.

Curve were unable to resolve an issue using Curve with Barclaycard’s Avios card - after a couple of months using it with no problem all transactions were rejected. The game was played with Curve that they said it was a Barclaycard issue which I raised with Barclaycard several times, where you do actually get a sensible response and it is possible to speak in real time to an actual person. They said they had no issue, it went back to Curve, and I never received a resolution. It was, in the end, just too much effort to work with Curve in trying to sort the problem out. Another one of the reasons I got my Metal fee refunded.