Batch "Go Back In Time" and/or automatic card selection rules for transactions

Occasionally I change my underlying payment card for a single transaction then I don’t realise for a few days that I didn’t switch it back. To go back in time (GBIT) for all the transactions I put on the wrong card is a long and tedious process. Some ideas below:

  • Allow GBIT batch selection of multiple transactions, so you dont have to go into each one and wait for the flux capacitor - it is a cool effect but gets tedious after the 25th transaction!
  • Create a “rules engine” where you can tag vendors, amounts, device locations, types, etc, to always go via a particular card without changing the default card
  • Create a timeout for changing the underlying card, where it will reset back to the default card and notify you that this has occurred
  • Create a notification like - “you changed your default card - do you want to change it back?”
  • Create a “hot button” or widget on your phone which allows you to select that the next transaction should go to a different card

Integration with an Android Task Scheduler like Tasker which can have permissions to enumerate and change the underlying payment card (but nothing else), so you can create your own rules based on time of day, location, button press, etc.

Hey Leon,

I’ve moved this over to the ideas category so users can vote on the idea you’ve had, and see who else thinks it would be useful :smile:

Most of your ideas (if not all) are already in this community as separate ideas:

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Would be great, but just with some time gap. When I tried to move 5-6 transaction to an another credit card in a minute or so, I got blocked immediately and got a call from my bank.

Agree covered by existing ideas as listed by @poeliev - please add votes/comments to those topics as individual ideas are (hopefully) more likely to get traction than one post covering multiple items.