Battery Drain

Whenever I open Curve, and leave it open in the background (just tapping home button instead of force closing it) a few mins later I always get a warning on my phone saying that it’s using a lot of power and draining my battery.

No other apps do this, and I wouldn’t expect Curve to need to use too much CPU power!

Using a OnePlus 6T, Android 9, OxygenOS 9.0.14. All stock software and all up to date.

Curve version 2.5.0+20500.

This isn’t a new thing though, been happening for at least a few months now. Just thought I’d mention it!

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Slightly off topic but does your OP6 work with WiFi calling? I can’t seem to get it to work on my OT3.

I had to enable it, no idea why it isn’t enabled by default. Been using it for 6+ months, works perfectly.

Try this:

I’m not saying there isn’t anything wrong with the Curve app - I don’t use the Android version

…but I have to say, I have turned off these notifications on my Samsung J3 ever since it complained about quite literally every app that wasn’t written by Samsung or Google and tried to suppress them all from working in the background…

Hi all,

we are aware and the new Curve app will address these issues :slight_smile:

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Well, the current version still triggers battery drain notifications on my OnePlus 7 and I don’t get push notifications for my transactions either, although they show up in the transaction history when I open the app.

Interesting, I don’t get any of these notifications for Curve on my OP6 (although I do for the Priority Pass app, so it’s not that I don’t get the alerts at all, just not for Curve)

Just had another one of these notifications on my phone again

As per my previous comment, the newly designed app architecture will address this issue.

Sorry assumed that had been released, or would be in the beta. I’ll keep waiting :slight_smile:

Just to give some context. We are revamping the whole app, so it’ll take months until this is properly fixed, the architecture of the app is being completely revamped.

Good news is, you’ll get a shiny new app and we are releasing the changes incrementally, so as soon as something is ready, we’ll ship it. :slight_smile: