Be able to repost transactions - GBIT 2.0?

GBIT is really nice but it’s a shame you can only use it once per transaction and that’s it. Why not take GBIT one step further, a GBIT 2.0?

I made a big purchase in end of may with my Curve and two days ago I moved that transaction with GBIT to the correct card to receive my bonus from my underlying card for month june. What I wasn’t aware of was that I was one day too early and should have waited with my GBIT one day more to receive that monthly bonus as my underlying have some weird rules. My fault for not checking it up correctly with my underlying card and not Curve’s fault.
It would be a neat feature to be able to repost transactions by yourself through the Curve app for purchases you have already previously moved with GBIT or not. This transaction would have show for instance today’s date instead of yesterday and I’d have gotten my monthly bonus from my underlying card.

I’ve already experienced Curve to repost some transactions with a later date but this was due to their systems and technical errors. Instead of a technical error it would be nice if I could somehow use this feature instead :slight_smile:
Another reason would be to move a transaction which was made in the end of the month to the beginning to month in order to pay for it later on.