Before I disable all notifications completely, just thought I'd see if it is possible to remove marketing notifications separately?

So all my banks pretty much have instant notifications anyway so if I can remove Curve’s marketing phone notifications separately I can just disable Curve’s notifications completely from my phone.

I am using an iPhone 11.

I get notifications like ‘come check out our rewards’ along those lines not that exact wording.

I have absolutely no interest in getting notifications for this.

The only notifications I allow on my phone are texts and bank notifications, nothing else of any kind.

Just curious if Curve allow editing which notifications we receive so I can possibly stop any marketing notifications and just have transaction notifications…

Before I just disable them entirely in my phone settings.

Thanks in advance for any help.

There is a thread in Ideas section about More granular notification options. AFAIK there is no way to disable only marketing notifications - it’s all on or all off.

If you disable notifications, you will disable also 3DS verification notifications in Curve app (remaining only SMS option).

One option is to enable scheduled notifications in iOS. Then you won’t be immediately interrupted but will see the list of less important notifications at a certain time during the day.

You can always check the notifications in advance manually for example if you need to confirm a purchase

thanks for the comments, they are already in scheduled, if you cannot separate the marketing notifications I will just turn them off entirely, no hard feelings towards Curve I just don’t do marketing notifications of any kind, I do the same with amazon.