“Begin Identify verification” option under “Account"

I updated app to latest (from 2.72.1) and I see there is this “Begin Identify verification” option under “Account”.

What is that? Live chat or something else? Why its needed? Can’t remember what was procedure when I opened acc with Curve it was while ago. Did I presented any documents or not. Not sure.

I am pretty sure that when I opened my Curve account years ago I did not (need to) identify myself. So I am actually expecting Curve to ask for identification anytime now, but I don’t have the “Begin Identify verification” option under “Account” (yet). There is a support page about this:


How does it work?

It’s pretty straightforward – if your account needs some verification, you’ll see a “Begin Identity Verification” button in the “Account” tab of your Curve app. You’ll be able to track the progress of the verification in the same place too.

EDIT. And there is also a community topic on the subject now:


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