Behavior pricing list

Hi, your price list in case of lost or demage of card is let say “static”. It means that in case I will have lost my card or will be demaged I have to pay reissuing fee. When I turn tnx on my card e.g 50 000eur before lost or demage (more using more demages with card) its different profit for you. Somebody who spent only 50 eur for whole time could pay full costs. What to set up decreasing pricelist with profit features like discout? For example free reissuing in case lost card when before lost was turn over e.g. 5000eur…Similar approach could be for ATM tnx, standard limit is 200eur per month, some months I dont use ATM and some one month I have to use over 200eur for cash thas set up eg. Quartely not use atm transfer limit to another month. For exemple in january I took cash for 50eur only, so not use rest of limit 150eur will be transfered to Fenruary and my total limit in February will be 350eur. Calculation of costs for you will be very similar in max volume but additional value for the client will be higher. Easy and low cost solutions.

Just tell support you won’t pay, they’ll waive the fee if you’re a high-usage customer for exactly this reason.

I like customer support a lot, they return me money as claim directly. Its more about set up family and friendly rules not be as high fin tech N26 bank and to be elefant bank with name N26. Its similar like mobile operator and data will be transfer to next period :grinning:

I think it’s reasonable to have a policy where you can charge people - if someone breaks/mislays their card on a regular basis Curve(‘s shareholders) shouldn’t keep picking up the cost.

1 free replacement (the current policy I believe) a year should be enough for most sensible people. But if you’re a high volume user / it wasn’t your fault (contactless fails on a card in good condition, for example) just explain and ask for a free replacement because you’re not at fault.

I can think of very, very few allowances in the world that roll over and keep adding up. It just isn’t the way it works - the whole point of a limit each period is to keep your usage under that limit!