Being able to see your Curve Cash in other currencies

Currently, you can see your Curve Cash in the Wallet view in GBP and in points, which equal 100 points = 1 GBP. However, as my main currency is EUR, I would like to see Curve Cash in EUR as well to see how much I have available more easily.

You can already see this on the transaction history in Insights, just not on the card select screen.

Although my base currency is GBP, it’s totally wrong that Curve is so GBP-centric. Revolut, despite likewise being UK-based, is not GBP-centric. Curve should similarly not favour one currency over another.

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Fully agree with your idea mate :+1:t2:

Sometimes when I’m shopping and have to pay 20ish€, and I know that I have 20ish£ on my Curve Cash and the amount are probably very close but in the end I just don’t want to meet a payment refusal for a few cents and I end up using my regular credit card, which is non sense :roll_eyes:
I just applied to Metal and expect to make a lot of cashback so I’ll be glad to know how much in my local currency indeed :sweat_smile:

I agree. My main currency is EUR as well, so I don’t card for displaying cash back amount in EUR.