Berliner Volksbank VISA does not work

I can´t add my VISA Card from the Berliner Volksbank (German Bank).

The card infos are correct, but it says everytime „check the card details“.
any idear?

The first 6 digits of the card are 457037.

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For this issue,please contact the Customer Support team at : .

Please delete your card digits,those are private.
Thank you

I have, but waiting for an answer since 8 days.

:thinking: First 6 (8) are not private. Those form the so called Bank Identification Number (BIN).

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Oh sorry,I read last 6.

Hey @sopapa :wave: Welcome to our community!

Sorry to hear you’re having issues adding this card, I’ve checked this and we should support this BIN, however, I’ll investigate it further to see if there’s an issue adding this BIN and get back to you :male_detective: