Beta app update following Wirecard issue

Hi, does anyone know when the BETA app will be updated? It was announced last night that the app would need to be updated in order to start using again and that you will be prompted by the app to do so. The BETA app didn’t do this and nothing within the TestFlight for updating. I got a pop message stating you could start using your card again though? Just want to make sure so I don’t get caught with my pants down at a till somewhere…


I didn’t get any update for the beta and my card and app are, apparently, working this morning, as announced in last night mail, so I am guessing if maybe the beta app doesn’t need to be updated since the use some flags to enable/disable features. Maybe they needed to add a feature to the main train app that was already present int the beta. But honestly, I am guessing. The only fact I know is that my app seems to be working fine.

iOS, by the way.


Perfect, thanks! I am on iOS also. I did not think about them being able to use the flags etc on the app, so perhaps changes implemented that way!

I was wondering the same. Am in the same boat beta and iOS. App seems to be working without any update but haven’t tried to pay for anything yet!

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I saw an update regarding the new app a few minutes ago, screenshot here:

There hasn’t yet been a regular app update for iOS. I imagine it’s working it’s way through the App Store approvals process.

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Yeah exactly

Just seen a new Beta version come in to test issues with CVV codes.

Yes, just had the same, all updated, but nothing changed so presuming all is well…

Actually I got the update now.
All my cards remain verified and I don’t see any difference apart of the “send” option gone (but it was gone this morning before the update).

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My “send” option disappeared Saturday evening.

I will take it as all is fine. An Amazon purchase has just gone through okay, so all is well.

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Yep Curve Send isn’t back yet, they’re still working on it.

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Latest app update have a frustrating bug… If you put a correct CVV, the curve App say “Incorrect CVV”. :unamused:

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@Curve_Marie. Keep up the good work, I believe in you.


3DS notification are not appearing AGAIN in android!! The method of implementation is ridiculous. It falls over so many times…

Unfortunately, my card is still stuck as Unverified. When trying to verfiy it also tries to make an active card check (small charge) which fails although my card issuer says Curve did not trigger their security system.
Moreover, when trying to verify the card it does not ask me for a CVV (I‘m on the newest beta).
Any ideas how I can get it working again? :slight_smile:

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Hi I use iOS and haven’t received an update but have used my Curve metal twice today in two different shops with no issues,
Hope this helps

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Have you tried removing the card and re-adding it?
Is there an available balance in the account?

Awesome, this worked smoothly. :slight_smile:

Brill, glad to hear it :blush: