Beta testing - Use your Curve Cash balance automatically

Yes! It’s working now, thanks.

Hey Sam! I’m having this issue, no switch for me

can i change GBP currency in curve cash to PLN?

I have the switch but I got an error when trying to turn on.
I found I had to select Curve cash as a payment card first, then I could turn on the feature.

hey, i’m in beta testing but i don’t have it, and my latest curve update is 2.26.1

Hey @JayC00b, 2.28 is not available yet.

Nice! Great feature introduced

Nice, sure… But I don’t think this should be a priority right now. Releasing refunds from Curve Cash captivity should be #1 priority!

I have a question about this functionality: usually when you pay using Curve cash, that payment doesn’t grant you with new Curve cash, even if the payment is to one of your chosen merchants. So, if now I pay with my Curve card assuming I will get the Curve cash, but because I have enough funds, the payment is done using my Curve cash … will I get new Curve cash for that payment?

If, as I expect, the case is that I will NOT get the Curve cash, then I will probably keep it disabled when I know I am paying to one of ‘my’ merchants.

A new use case for which the Sticky Transactions (Recurring Payments) & Smart Transactions/Rules is one of the most important features we need.

Hi, I am also on the latest Beta and no switch for me either!

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have the switch, but cannot activate it…

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The Curve app version 2.28.0 is available on Google Play Store.

I wasn’t able to enable it on older versions, but on the 2.28.0 version, it works!

confimed w.joseph, thanks!

Short update here: I got the toggle and the automated selection works well! :slight_smile:

An awesome addition would be the possibility to actually do partial payments as well.

Hi, I’m on Android version 2.28.0, I got the switch but I can activate it. Any info?


Just had 3.5.5 through and downloaded and still no change/option to the Cash Card…

@josemarq We are aware of an issue on Android where trying to turn on the feature would fail. Closing the Curve Cash Information screen and re-opening it should solve the issue. The team will be working on a fix next week!

@JoshuaBoots This is odd as I can definitely see your ID in our distribution list. We’ve just refreshed it. Could you try closing the app and opening it again to see if that does the trick?

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@RomainLefebvre: Are you also aware of the bug that once it’s turned on, it can’t be turned off? It gives an error.

I think that would be the same issue as when trying to turn it on. Closing the screen and trying again should solve it. I’ll report this back to the team. Thanks for reporting this!

I had received an update to the curve app today

Still getting the error