Beta testing - Use your Curve Cash balance automatically

Hi @JesusM,

Thanks for your feedback. I have logged a ticket about the first point you’ve raised for the team to look into. Regarding the fee for FX transactions over the weekend, I’m afraid that it is currently applied, just like it would if Curve Cash was manually selected.

We understand this is not ideal so I have forwarded your feedback and we are actively considering ways to improve this part of the experience.

Similarly, cashback cannot be earned when Curve Cash is used automatically with one of your selected merchant. @Nelthorim, I have forwarded your suggestion to the team too.

This feature is actually based on a new technology we’ve developed which may be related to the smart rules mentioned in this discussion. Watch this space :slightly_smiling_face:


Loving this new feature! And the beta testing experience:)

This is a neat feature, and I’m really excited for what this could enable!

Had a refund which came onto my Curve Cash, was spending today and didn’t even realise until later that the money was coming out of my Curve Cash, I love how seamless of an experience it is!

Same love this new feature. But one glitch when you update your curve card details somewhere, they usually do a pre auth of £1. Noticed that this isn’t refunded to curve cash

Was it a normal refund?

Yes as the pre auth charges for a maximum 14 days then expires. But never refunds to the cash balance

You prefer curve cash instead of real refund?

Think your missing the point.

It takes £1 from my curve cash for the pre auth, then never refunds once it drops off.

E.g. my card is charged £1 drops off after 14 days. That £1 never goes back to my curve cash it’s gone.

I see

That’s disappointing

Oops quite a major bug, esp given using saved details in Chrome often generates this £1 check and immediate refund - could get quite costly if it isn’t refunded and you’re doing a lot of online shopping! @nicb

Love this feature. Brilliant & seamless.

Using 3.5.6 and dont have the Curve Cash Auto Use selection.
Any ideas?

I had £2.85 on Curve Cash. I spent £2 at the Post Office and that came out of my underlying card, not automatically from Curve Cash. I then paid 88p on a second transaction in the Post Office straight afterwards, and that came out of Curve Cash.

How come the £2 did not automatically come from Curve Cash, when there was enough to cover the charge, only the second 88p charge?

Anyone any ideas?

This feature seems to work well. Too well in fact : while it’s usually nice to use Curve Cash automatically, sometimes you wouldn’t want (for instance if the purchase is some kind of buiness expense). Unfortunately GBIT doesn’t seem to be available for transactions placed on Curve Cash. Is there a specific reason for this ?
For me it means that I’m currently disabling the feature.

I’m on version 2.31.0 but don’t have the toggle visible, could I be flagged for this?

same here. I have the latest beta but no switch found. Could you please check me too?

It doesn’t appear to work at all for me. Cash balance £24 yet all payments below this go to my selected card instead.

To me it stopped working when the ‘backup card’ feature was introduced. No clue if it is related or just coincidence.

Any reason the auto spend can’t use your balance as a part payment and then the balance from a card if needed?

Also, a common problem when paying for items online is the restriction of not being able to pay using multiple cards. For example some gift cards come as a Visa card and would be nice to use multiples at once. Curve could split a transaction across a range of cards.