Better card image submitting process // Personal card images

To quote myself from this topic:

Agreed. When submitting card images, I’ve had to wait anywhere from 1 to 7 months to see them reflected in the app.


I have submitted one design in January this year, but still to no avail. I doubt if there’s a point in doing that for the rest of my new cards. I also think that there should be an option for personal graphics as some of my card issuers let me choose my own design as a part of the onboarding process.


There are certain cards where custom images created by Curve already exist but due to BIN changes a generic image is shown instead. Nonetheless Curve asks for new images…

As an example, the Portuguese Universo card, a dual debit/credit card, has a custom image shown in app when added the card number corresponding to the credit card. The debit card, which in the physical card has its number printed on the back has no custom image

There are also cases of a custom image existing, however said image is for a totally different card

I do think it is a great idea Pawel! We know some things take a bit longer than expected and it would be helpful if customers could at least use their desired card images before they are approved :raised_hands:


Checked with our Design Team - there’s currently a large backlog of images to be produced and the lead time for it to appear in the app is around 3 months.

Building the process that you describe @Pawel would require a substantial amount of engineering resources and probably wouldn’t be prioritised in the short or medium term. That being said, we do need to update the process to become a lot more efficient than it currently is.


I am pretty much aware of that. That is definitely not urgent, just a nice touch to the app that could arrive once more important issues are settled. However, I think creating such solutions is the general route Curve should follow to make a more scalable and intuitive product in the future.

Good to hear a timeframe for that! Gonna wait patiently, then.

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On the other hand, just allowing users to upload an image of their choice should be pretty easy.


If it was pretty easy and straight forward it would be in the works as current process isn’t as efficient as we would like it to be :upside_down_face:

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Can you give us an update on the current backlog? @Curve_Marie

Backlog update please :slight_smile:

Would it also be possible for the staff here on the community to perhaps flag BIN’s to be added to certain already created card images? For instance the Revolut RevP Beta Card should be linked to Revolut’s BINs so we could select that, but it isn’t there right now!

I was under the impression you guys didn’t design them yourselves - my apologies for being unreasonable in expecting these to be updated in days.

Would it be possible to redesign the blank MasterCard ones to use the new MasterCard logo also?

And could Starling Personal cards (the new portrait design) be redesigned to be horizontal as the Starling Business card has been? Having Starling Bank sideways on the card in Curve is a big lmao moment

Might also be worth taking new card images and designing them with the new MasterCard logo if this is possible!

Apologies for the late reply. Can unfortunately not publish our backlog @Knight.

This will more likely be prioritised in the long-term. Remember that we are in the process of redesigning the Curve app at the moment :slight_smile:

What about creating a specific topics where people could post BIN + Card design (other posts will be deleted).
It would help you centralize info…

In order for that to be centralised it would mean that all customers would have to visit the community to submit photos.

Yes correct…
What about webpage where you could post requests to support a card and/or the card design?
You could track the requests with via the BIN, if the card has been reviewed and Curve choose to not support it could indicate the info…

That’s a great idea. It would, however, require that we prioritize web development capacity for it. I’ve forwarded your suggestion to our team :smiley:


Thanks @Curve_Marie :slight_smile:

Any news on this topic ?

I assume it’s not coming any time soon, considering the fact that it hasn’t been mentioned in Curve Product Update January 2020.

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Still nothing moved on this matter I guess :slight_smile: I know their plate is full so just checking