Better wording for passcode prompt?

I’m not expert of english lang, but for me its sound a bit not correct that when opening app there is text “Please confirm your passcode”.

I believe more proper would be “Please enter your passcode”.

What do you think?

Agree your wording looks sensible.

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hello moon ! No ! your passcode is already known by the appli ! and when you enter your passcode, you confirm that this is the right code, well known by the system . Then the system compares the right now entered passcode with the passcode already known by the appli, and if they match, launch the appli. If you aren’t the owner of the smartphone or the appli, you cannot confirm the passcode because you don’t know it… logic ? Pat.

I can see the logic of what you’re saying but most IT systems ask users to enter their password rather than confirm it. I would tend to expect to see a ‘confirm’ message for a password/passcode when a user is perhaps having to enter it twice when changing it/setting it for the first time.

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Yes. i agree. But i think that from a developper’s viewpoint, each time you have to “enter” a password or passcode , you “confirm” it. But i’m ok with you, the first time you "enter’ a passcode, …you “enter” it and you don’t “confirm” it…Pat

Hehe your point is ok Pat, from developer point, the user is requested to enter the passcode, and the purpose is to verify the entered one with your stored version. Right.

But IMO user experience logic is about the opposite. Think about who’s reading the message instead of who’s writing it. hehe.

End user point of view rules! :slight_smile:


I totally agree ! it’s a pleasure to hear ,( read) such a similar viewpoint. :slight_smile:the big challenge for a developer is to going down to the user level, and not to make self -pleasure by coding and coding with own developer’s words… coding a software is one face , using it is the other face of the buck. Pat