BIG Thanks

Just wanted to say on this last day of 2020 that even though it has been a challenging year for all, learning to do things differently!

Well I want to express my huge thanks to all Curve staff especially the ones working behind the scenes…So THANK YOU!

I truly hope that 2021 will become a far better and much easier year for us all in ways we may well not as yet be able to consider!


big thanks for what? for infinite amount of never fixed bugs? for never responding support? this was the worst year for curve so yeah 2021 can only be better, they have a lot to do next year

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I assume you’re referring to customer support?

Thank you Curve for great product! :heart_eyes: Of course things can always be better and there is always space for improvements :wink:, but I would really miss Curve if it decided to stop its business… :pleading_face:

Let’s look forward for even better new year 2021. :chart_with_upwards_trend: Happy New year to all! :partying_face::fireworks:


Hey everyone,

Thank you all for the support! 2020 posed a lot of challenges for the Curve team and we’re glad to have made it through but we couldn’t have done it without our amazing customers and community!

We also know that we’ve still got a long way to go so please be reassured @tygger that the Engineering and Product teams are still working on these bugs and that Curve has big plans for improvements and new features going forwards in 2021.

Happy New Year everyone! :tada:


@SocialTeam_Joel i hope curve will be more reliable in 2021 and i’ll be able to use go back in time again very soon :wink:

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Hey again, @tygger. This should still be possible for you now so it’s worth sending a message to the Support team at so that they can check on this for you! If they can’t fix the issue for you directly then they’ll be happy to process your Go Back In Time for you manually instead. :slightly_smiling_face:

this is an ongoing issue since october… so i can only hope this will be the month when you finally fix it

(manual back in time doesn’t work properly, we tried: if you do it manually, mcc will be 8999 instead of the original, so i lose cashback)

Unfortunately we are in 2021 and customer support reply times still a nightmare. I understood it if I am Blue member:-( Step by step, I thinking to get back to Blue level