BIN not recognized properly / can't add Revolut card issued in the UK

Issue: can’t add Revolut card issued in the UK

How to reproduce it: try adding a card with BIN 4165 9896

OS: Android 10

Device: Huawei P40 Pro

App version: 3.52.2


hello everyone

I’ve been trying to solve this issue with the in app chat since February 8th. In the beginning some agents were responding and they asked for more details, but haven’t received an answer for days now…

@Curve_Joel is there any possibility you could push the support staff to add the BIN 4165 9896
when you use it shows the card is issued (by Revolut) in the UK, I can’t add it however…
no luck with my (Transfer)Wise card either, which is issued in Belgium according the BIN checker…

I had no trouble adding my previous Revolut card without any problem. (it expired in 11/22, that’s why I had to remove it)
did anyone else have trouble adding their Revolut card?

glad for any hints and tips…

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Is it a virtual card?

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The BIN 4165 98XX was previously taken for Visa cards in the USA…

Hello Oliverda
no, it’s a physical card. Support asked me to send them a photo, which I did.

Why don’t you generate a virtual card for this purpose?

already tried that, as well as the second physical Revolut card… no luck…
tried from iOS devices as well, no luck either…

it’s just weird because it worked perfectly with the old Revolut card…

thanks anyway for your input @Oliverda @Markus

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According to BIN Lookup : BIN Search : BIN Checker : BINbase ( my fav BIN checker at the moment):

BIN: 416598
Brand: VISA
Type (Credit/Debit): DEBIT
Category: INFINITE
Country Code: GB

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Looks like Curve BIN database is not up to date.

thank you @moon
I will bookmark this BIN Checker tool. :slight_smile:

@Oliverda looks like it. so only support could help me, but they’re not responding…

Szia / Hi Oliverda! What the hell can I do if I got a new physical card and now Samsung Pay doesn’t work with this card? Apparently, the previous card I used for years had a UK BIN, which is why it worked. Is there any solution for this?


There is no solution, unless you’re willing to move to the UK.

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ah, sad news. Well, then we will move to Galaxy Watch 5 because it already has Google Pay. Köszi!