Bitcoin 2022 - Shachar's Keynote Speech

Happy Friday, Curve Community!

Those of you interested in Crypto may already know that the Bitcoin conference 2022 is currently running but did you know that Shachar Bialick, CEO of Curve, is a keynote speaker? :exploding_head:

Shachar will be chatting on the main stage today, live from Miami, at 16:00-16:25 BST/ 11:00-11:25 EDT.

Tune in to see it live by clicking below! :point_down:

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So where is the discussion about this announcement? I think it’s quite big and if the product actually follows the speech, we have many reasons to be excited.

Is there anywhere to learn more about:

  • which countries will be first enrolled in the “double dip rewards”?
  • which exchanges/wallets will first be connected?
  • technically, how will it work that Curve to spend funds in exchanges and wallets via the Curve app? It’s a big step from credit cards that more or less all work the same way. Even Maestro debit cards don’t work with Curve today.

Source: Curve Announces Bitcoin Rewards Program - Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin News, Articles, Charts, and Guides


I don’t know. Instead of trying to make more complicated projects, I feel Curve should focus a bit into polishing their base software first.

Hell, something as basic as the transaction list + insights hasn’t worked properly in over a year (refunds aren’t properly taken into account for monthly expense calculations, for example).

Maybe also bring already existing features into more places. Remember Balances coming to EU accounts at some point? Neither does Curve. Let’s not even mention Credit, I mean, Flex. Smart Rules was in the beta for like 2 days and then it’s been disappeared for like a month.

The base proposition of Curve is great, but sometimes it feels like you have business ADHD. Slow down and finish things, please.


Not a particularly positive write-up of the conference at Bitcoin struggles to find its star power in Miami

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There’s talk Who's already onboard the Crypto train? 🚂 - #11 by kobrad

I like Curve but I don’t think they should start making it a complicated and potentially dangerous (ie financially risky) product. That should be a whole other market idea.

Curve needs to iron out its product at the moment and there’s lots of great ideas posted about improvements and new card controls.

Talk of crypto will scare off the horses for sure.


Do we no longer get announcements here?

I feel like double dipped btc rewards (Assuming its instead of curve cash) is worth a announcement

That’s sad to see. My respect for Curve just dropped several notches.


Hey everyone, we’re still ironing out the fine details on how our Crypto rewards will work and I’ll link the FAQs going into these details here once they’re available.


When bitcoin rewards?
It was announced 3 weeks ago.
I am really excited about it.

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