BLACK color metal card

I think Black Metal are NEED! For Balck Metal Card we could added some iconic logo or sign so user are easier to spot out.

Or just keep it as same so Black Metal user could keep it low key profiles


Definitely need a black metal card


How many vote do we need?


Why not an actual metal looking card? Black is certainly a good shout


I would definitely prefer a black metal. I was thinking to go back to my old black card (especially because of AMEX). Black metal would be perfect.


I’m so interested about Curve Metal Black. When we can get it for who are living in Finland?

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i cant wait also fir the metal card


The red design is awesome, it is a bit weird traditionally though to have a lesser product that’s a black card. But then if you think about it Curve is all about mixing things up :slight_smile: to bring the old world of cards into the future.

If I had freedom to choose a colour for a metal card, then it would be black …

When I signed up to Metal, I went with red but would upgrade to black if they became available :+1:



I would sign up to metal if there was a black card tomorrow.

I’ve gone as far as the Black Curve Card as this is the colour I want for my card


Looks like anyone that invested with curve and has a current metal subscription, is now getting a black metal investor card :heart_eyes::fire:

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Yep same here

Any picture available?

They’re in the investor private forum

How do you see that? (still learning to navigate around this forum - apologies!)

Or for the folks without access to the Crowdfunding Investors category:

(the final design does not seem to have the contactless symbol in the upper right corner).


I am one of the original first black curve card. I have upgraded to the metal red curve card but was not aware of the investment side of it. Is it possible to invest still? Or is it there any opportunity to still be able to invest? Also is it possible to upgrade from curve red to investors card once it’s issued. Many thanks

Unfortunately, the opportunity to invest has closed. Theres no way you can get this investor card currently.

You’ll be unable to get the investor card, without investing.

Curve haven’t released any further plans to crowd-fund, keep an eye on the community for updates :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for getting back! Oh thats a shame, I am an original curve black card holder until I moved to curve red. I do not know how did I miss the opportunity to invest in the Business. When was that? Did curve send any email regarding investing. Because I have not received any information regarding this. Please do let me know if there’s any future investments to be held any time soon. I am gutted that I missed this.

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Curve sent a first email on the 16th of August (asking to register if you were interested). Crowdfunding itself was on 3rd of September. It was all over this Community and Twitter (and other media), especially since Curve smashed their Crowdfunding target.
To miss it you had to be living in a cave in Tora Bora at that time :wink:.