BLACK color metal card

Or for the folks without access to the Crowdfunding Investors category:

(the final design does not seem to have the contactless symbol in the upper right corner).


I am one of the original first black curve card. I have upgraded to the metal red curve card but was not aware of the investment side of it. Is it possible to invest still? Or is it there any opportunity to still be able to invest? Also is it possible to upgrade from curve red to investors card once it’s issued. Many thanks

Unfortunately, the opportunity to invest has closed. Theres no way you can get this investor card currently.

You’ll be unable to get the investor card, without investing.

Curve haven’t released any further plans to crowd-fund, keep an eye on the community for updates :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for getting back! Oh thats a shame, I am an original curve black card holder until I moved to curve red. I do not know how did I miss the opportunity to invest in the Business. When was that? Did curve send any email regarding investing. Because I have not received any information regarding this. Please do let me know if there’s any future investments to be held any time soon. I am gutted that I missed this.

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Curve sent a first email on the 16th of August (asking to register if you were interested). Crowdfunding itself was on 3rd of September. It was all over this Community and Twitter (and other media), especially since Curve smashed their Crowdfunding target.
To miss it you had to be living in a cave in Tora Bora at that time :wink:.

Hi, thanks for getting back.

From those time periods you have mentioned I was not in the UK but in Brazil for 3 months quite unfortunate that I did miss out, is there any other investments coming up soon?


Or deep in the Brazilian rainforest :wink:

Not deep in rain forest but yeah and there they don’t even accept curve card, Brazil has a different system in their atms and POS terminals as well. Can you say when will the investors cards be released. I am so gutted.

they have already been released, if you didn’t invest, you can’t get one

I understand, sorry I missed it, I wasn’t here in the UK. Is there any different price plan to that particular card or is it the same as the other metal cards.

Many Thanks

Its the same as all metal as far as we’re aware

I agree with the necessity of a new Metal Card Color. Platinum/Silver would be a great option if Black Metal is desired to only be for investors. I think most of the people going for Rose Gold would be more delighted by a Platinum/Silver color.

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For those wondering what the new black investor card looks like:




:frowning: not an investor, I want one…

can’t the investor ones say investor and the none investors just a normal one?

why does the £9.99 subscription get black?

sorry ranting, probably guessed that I like the colour black :wink:

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A clean black metal card would be just :ok_hand:.


Dang, it looks so nice

the same one in Black Could be great


I’m sorry, starting this thread up again as it’s too quiet.m and needs to be on the radar of Curve. Since my girlfriends Rose Gold Metal Card turned up last week I’ve been in complete envy and arguments over the fact I am jealous to be sat on Black Tier!! I want a metal card but dislike the colour choices. Can we get something moving quickly for other colour choices? Black or Slate or any other grey would be a hit with me. I am assuming from the recent notification of Curve moving away from their card supplier and bringing it ‘in House’ that perhaps this is reason why, but either way it would be some brightening news to see something happening given the current pandemic.

To save my 10 year relationship, please make this happen, Curve.


if you are indeed an investor you can switch to Metal and you’ll get a shiny Black investor metal card. Curve promised that while stock lasts, all investors on Metal will get an investor black metal card.