BLACK color metal card

If you invested over £25,000 I thought?

Originally yes.
Latest understanding is that the high value investors get the free metal subscription but all investors on metal level get a metal investor card to avoid mixup and issues (while stocks last).

Also, high value investors get priority first, others get the remaining card stock.

Hmmmm… May have to enquire! Thanks for the heads up!

@Mollaka is right. If you are already on Metal and invested £10 or more you will get a Black Metal Investor card (while the stock lasts):

And the over £25,000 would have given you Metal for live. For £1,000 you would have gotten Metal for a year.


ive still not been given one and keep being told that they dont know when they will be sent out…


Metal investor cards will be sent out this month. This has been confirmed by Curve multiple times.

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Hi all,

Everyone who’s waiting for the Black Metal Investor Card, all I’d recommend is to be patient, as I was in the same situation!

It may be worth contacting Curve via:

Account > Profile > Help > Still need help? Contact Us

As this is what I did and they’ve been nothing but helpful (Big thanks to Alexander F for any questions that I asked him! :ok_hand:t2:)

And if anyone wondered, here’s what the card looks like… :relieved:

Also just as a side note, the card arrived within 2 days from the day it was marked as dispatched (so a big thanks for that!)


Really hoping for a black metal card, if so will re-join the metal plan.


mmmm 8 months later, and still nothing.

I really want a Black Metal Card


It’s there!