Black Curve - rewards


I was wandering for the Black Curve why is the cashback limited to 90 days only versus a friend i know who is on the original Beta scheme has this as an unlimited option.


You joined later on whilst your friend joined earlier and so is in receipt of the old benefits.

Hi Johnny,

There are two rewards systems:
Curve Rewards (if you joined curve before 16/02/18)
Curve Cashback (if you joined curve after 16/02/18)

The following link explains both:

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Your friend was on the original programme while new customers joining the current Rewards and later on Cashback have an introductory offer.

@YorkshirePudding summarised it well :slight_smile:

Hi Marie everything is working fine now after my big problems :crossed_fingers:t2: but just a question the original rewards scheme (previous Amex member) are all the retailers the same for everyone as I see people talking about retailers that are not on my list, probably added later if so, so how come? I never made any choices and most of them are irrelevant. Could we not choose out of the full list? Cheers