Black Friday upgrade discount 🛍

Black Friday upgrade discount :shopping:

Hey everyone!

To celebrate Black Friday we’ve slashed the prices on our premium card subscriptions until Wednesday! :star:

What do you think you’ll look to buy with the extra cashback? Are you getting Christmas sorted early? treating yourself to something you’ve had your eye on for a while? I think it might be a tablet or an air-fryer from Argos for me this year. Made sweeter by the 3.5% cashback, naturally. :money_with_wings:

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Tried to upgrade, just kept asking for CVV. So I closed the app, went back in, now the Black Friday discount doesn’t show.

Very similar for me. Selecting a card for paying the subscription was stuck in a CVV loop.
After app restart, discount offer is gone.
Card for subscription payment has not been charged.

“Manage your plan” shows the OG Blue features.
“Upgrade your plan” shows only Curve X and Curve Black as available plans → I should be on the Curve Metal plan.
“Compare with your plan” shows “Your plan” as Metal.

Seems like I’m stuck in a state in between.

I managed to upgrade, but kept getting charged by curve & it never even upgraded. You can’t contact curve either - no one should attempt to upgrade?

Yes, I just saw your other post about that, but you got charged several times! As you say, maybe everyone should not upgrade as the process is obviously broken.

Yes, I have not been charged.

I do still see Metal as an option though. I don’t have the ‘Compare with your plan’, so guess it failed at slightly a different point in the process.

Seems like the upgrade process is broken.

It’s all very confused now & treats me as a new customer - offering me 90 days free trial and then asking me to upgrade!

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Upgrade loop that fails to upgrade.


@Curve_Joel Looking at other posts in this forum and on Twitter, there appear to be major issues with your support at the moment. Customers loosing significant amounts of money to fraud, or money not being refunded when they when items are returned to a merchant and support not replying for weeks.

It’s going to take a lot to convince me to upgrade - or even to use my Curve card at the moment.

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Certainly would not advise upgrading at the moment - I had a response from curve a few days ago that they had been working on the issue & have now been refunded the multiple charges on my account - but still don’t have any of the features I have paid for!

Hey everyone, thanks for those of you who flagged this bug here and elsewhere. This was fixed with the help of users such as yourselves!
If you tried to upgrade during this promotion but your app failed and you were unable to repeat the upgrade process afterwards then please let me know so we can gather data on this for future promotions.


But are we going to be offered the promotion ? Otherwise it’s slightly annoying