Black Legacy, Insurance?

I have legacy curve black and it shows I have travel insurance - had this over a year, is the travel insurance still valid?

Legacy Curve Black does not have and never had insurance. Only paid/subscription black (and Metal) has insurance and free black has, but that is actually subscription black that you get for free (because you referred enough people).

There was a trial of the black subscription at some stage, which is why you may be shown insurance details. But this will have long expired.

You can contact Curve support to clarify your particular instance if needed.

The insurance of mine disappeared as its legacy but after upgrading the app (I got ios 13) the insurance is back with the insurance account number. Is travel insurance included or not? I don’t want double insurance as some don’t pay out. Confused.

Can someone confirm that insurance is not included and why all the documents etc came back as if I’d been given it again?

Any reply would be greatly appreciated.
I have an insurance account number in legacy. Anyone know if this is active or not curve said it was taken away but it’s there in the app

Insurance is not included in Curve Black Legacy.
Why it is shown for you in the app, is not a question this user community can answer for you, since we don’t have access to your account. Please contact Curve support for this at or through the in app chat (since you are on Curve Black Legacy the chat option should be available to you in the app).
Only thing that I, as a user, can say is that I am on Curve Black Legacy (on Android) and I don’t have an insurance account number nor insurance documents shown in the app.