Black to Blue?

well I’m confused!
I have a black card - presumed I was on black tier
upgraded the app and now shows blue

my card is still black - what gives ?

is legacy black now blue with old limits?

waiting for limits to rise to tempt me to metal though red looks SO cool

the insurances look disappointing and secondary as others have pointed out

Am I now legacy black or was my black car really blue all along - was there a black blue card?

Did you pay for your Black card? If not you were on Blue all along. For a period last year, all the cards shipped were black in color—I assume they ran out of the blue ones.

Good point

Perhaps mine was blue?

It looks like your card was shipped black, but you’re on the blue tier. (there was a period where they shipped all black)

Did you pay £50 for your card @Jhon?

cant recall - but didn’t want a wallet as had one so perhaps I’m blue after all - thanks all