Blocked Account

Does anybody have issue with account?
My account has been blocked and the customer support says I need to prove that I’m a customer in EU.
I’ve uploaded my residence permit about 2 weeks ago and no news till now.
What is going on here?


No i dont have any problem
2 Weeks with no respond seing too long

I am in the same situation as you, and I am almost ten days old. There was no reply to the email.

Hey everyone!

Our Onboarding team, who deal with customer identification issues like these, have recently been receiving a much higher volume of messages than usual which has increased some of their response times. We’re sorry about this and please be reassured that the team is working hard to get to your messages.

If you’re concerned that your emails might have been missed then you can always DM the Social team on Facebook or Twitter at @AskCurve? They’d be happy to check in on your tickets from there for you.

2 weeks ago Curve blocked my account after one year from opening. They didn’t send any message just blocked it, I realised when my transactions were declined multiple times. When I asked them to explain they said they need some extra validation. Fine, I sent required docs 10 days ago and… nothing.
Nobody replied so far. I’m wondering how does it work if a client doesn’t know if actually can use a Curve card or not?

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Still in the same situation. There is no real support. I did it on 31/1. Today is 9/2. Very bad.

Same here.
Been a customer for more than 3 years now. 2 days ago the support emailed me asking to verify my id and reply when I was done, which I did right away.
I am still waiting for my account to be unlocked.
I think the process had to be managed in a different way, it is not fair to block a card without notice, and after blocking it, emailing the customer. First you email the customer telling that they have a certain time to answer (let’s say 5 days?) in order to keep the account alive. And then apply a temporary block only later, if the customer doesn’t provide what is requested.
In the way Curve did, not only I was blocked without prior notice, but I also have to wait for the customer care to handle my answer who knows when before being able to use the card again.
Very disappointed.

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My experience with Curve is the perfect example why we should be very cautious with fintechs. Of course I can continue my normal daily life with other banking cards. Relying on Curve only would be insane, the support respond after 2 weeks, however still not resolving the issue.
Even comparing to Revolut I was able to have conversation with the support within 10-30 minutes. But Curve just blocked my card and apparently forget about myself.
I believe that using Curve can be a kind of experiment but be careful to take with just a Curve card.

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Our Onboarding team, who deal with customer identification issues like these, have recently been receiving a much higher volume of messages than usual

I find this really frustrating. Curve knows exactly how many people’s accounts they blocked, and should have been prepared for the response.

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Hey, thanks for your message.

This is a fair criticism that you’ve provided and I agree that the Curve Onboarding team needs to grow to handle as many messages as are being received at any time. Please be reassured that the management team are aware of this too and are currently working to facilitate this growth for the future.

For context as to why this issue has occurred this time, the Onboarding team doesn’t place all blocks on customer accounts manually. Instead, most blocks are generated automatically by Curve’s risk engine and the Onboarding team couldn’t anticipate the number of new Curve sign-ups in recent weeks which has then resulted in this backlog.

The Onboarding team are working hard to resolve this for all affected Curve customers and they’ve been provided with additional support to help with achieving this by the management team and general CX support team.


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Dear Joel,

This problem still without solution.

I am metal and I got my account blocked without notice.

I gave all requested documents but it is not the right to act with human beings.

I got a shameful situation and I got help from support to hurry up for a solution.

Created an account just to say that this way of treating your customers is unacceptable. Full stop. You do not block an account without notice, “oh hey valued customer hope you weren’t planning on spending any money any time soon?”

This needs to change. Now.

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My account has been blocked on the 24th Feb and I didn’t get any notification either, thought it was a problem with my bank…

Uploaded docs now but had no reply, still waiting…

Hi all! Welcome to the community, for those of you who are new here! When your card is blocked, it can be caused by a number of reasons.

There are standard procedures in place to unblock your card, which our support team will always help with. There’s definitely room for improvement, though, so thanks for your feedback about this!

Like Joel mentioned, if you’re waiting for a while for a response, feel free to give our social team a message on Facebook, or Twitter (@AskCurve).


Inform customer for blocked account with a notification… Also explain requested document to unlock account and give timeframe about problem