Blocked purchases on Curve

Hi - posting it here, since I did not get further response back to my email and subsequent followup to curve support.

Recently, my curve card was blocked from usage at a petrol pump. After raising it to customer support, it was clarified that certain types of transactions (including automatic petrol pump) are blocked and it was then enabled for my card.

I wanted to understand if there were any other type of purchases that are blocked by default on my Curve, as otherwise it might be risky if I do not carry a backup card for making those transactions.

I did not get any response back to this particular query above, so was wondering if anyone knows more about it here?


From their Terms of Service:

Blocked merchant categories:

  • Gambling
  • Dating and escort services
  • Massage parlours
  • Inbound teleservices
  • Investment services
  • Prepaid/ cash services
  • Certain categories may be enabled based on your risk review. It is at the discretion of Curve to not allow certain categories of transaction for any user.
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Okay. Strangely petrol pump is not amongst the categories above, so wonder why it was disabled by default (and if there is a more exhaustive list of those).

Also I wonder why does Curve impose these artificial blocks and not just pass them through to the credit card and let them decide and manage “risky” transactions?

Doesn’t this prevent us from being completely dependent on curve? (I hate having to still carry other cards in wallet and it has only fattened my wallet which now includes curve and backup cards)

I know that in previous Terms of Service automatic fuel pumps were mentioned as a blocked category.

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