Blog post and discussion: Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme

Let’s have a chat about the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme. The product team will be able to address your questions once the dust settles.

There are two new threads up for discussing Curve Amex on iOS and Curve Amex on Android.

Please read the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme Terms and Conditions.

There’s a group for everyone involved. If you are not already in there, please send a request. This will be the place to get an overview of all the topics, posts, and mentions.

The FAQs are live and will be updated continuously.

If this is the case, I wonder if it will give people the opportunity to opt-out after reading all the terms, bugs and caveats with being part of the beta.

While I’m eager to be part of the testing, if new cards, prepaid quirks and lots of other little things are happening I feel like some people might like to hold off.

Very interested on where this goes.

Also eager to see what’s happening I don’t think I’ve ever refreshed my emails as much as I have in the last 3 days!
It did say somewhere words to the effect If you get the email and don’t like the terms etc you can opt out :flushed::scream: cheers

Email received!
Everyone, read VERY carefully the terms.

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Got my invite… WiFi at work being slow, sat here waiting for it to install!

Buying a new car on Saturday so will be able to put, at the very least, my daily spend limit on the Amex for some membership points (they only take Debit Cards!) :slight_smile:

“Free for topping-up up to £1,000 per month on your Amex Wallet[s]; thereafter 0.65% of top-up amount”.

Very reasonable fees.

@Curve_Marie, is this a calendar month (ie. the limit resets on 1st December)? If I make several, say £200 “deposits” - if it’s not a calendar month, how will this work? £1k upload in the last 30days?

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I think I new thread should be created by @Curve_Marie for bugs. Move the conversation to something more specific.

And the blog post is live:

Good idea for the bug thread. I’m not sure if the Beta app automatically reports any crashes. The app currently crashes when I press + to top up.

Created a thread for Android. Please use that

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For me this isn’t going to be cost effective. The combination of a fee and having to pre-load a wallet changes the way Curve works for me. It also means transactions will not appear on my Amex statement as they do with other cards? I would rather carry my Amex card with me.

I fully realise that for some people this way of working and the fees will be acceptable because of the way they use Curve. In my case though, I’m afraid I will not be signing up for this at the moment :slight_smile:

Seems to be working fine on iOS . Added BA Amex without problem.

@Curve_Marie Any news about general spend limits? Is it now, or will it be soon, possible to extend overall curve limit beyond £50k per annum?


I have a Curve Black but says it’ll charge me a fee for topping up unless I upgrade to curve Black?

I have a curve black also, but mine didn’t say that. And I topped up and was only charged the amount I topped up. So I’d recommend contacting support.

There are two new threads up for discussing Curve Amex on iOS and Curve Amex on Android. For general queries, please add your comments here.

Yeah I have reached out to them, waiting for their reply now.

Just for clarification:

  1. Is the Amex Wallet an Amex product, or a creation by Curve?

  2. Is the Pre-population of the Amex Wallet from the Amex Card treated as a cash transfer from the Amex account? I ask as a lot of people are assuming that Amex Reward Points are applicable, and it is my understanding that they only apply to Purchases and not cash transfers.

  3. Is the Pre-population of the Amex Wallet the intended mechanism for enabling Amex with Curve in the long term, or just during the Beta process? Is there any explanation of why this convoluted approach is being used?

Many thanks.

Is it £1000 top up per 30 days or per calendar month??

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Unfortunately there are two types of black card;
Customers can pay extra for a true ‘black card’ with additional benefits - I believe this is the one that does not attract a charge for Amex up to a limit.

Earlier this year and only for a certain period of time, all new customers were given black cards, irrespective of whether they paid for enhanced benefits or not - I doubt these are counted under the ‘black card’ definition in the Amex beta Ts and Cs.

Might this account for the anomalous message you are seeing regarding fees?

Taken from the blog post referenced earlier:

*Please note that all Curve cards issued from January to August this year (2018) were black in colour. Curve Black refers to the product type, which is the paid tier. If you did not pay £50 you are likely on the Curve Blue product type even if you card is black. If you are unsure which product tier you have, please contact us at .

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