Blue card stopped working after upgrade

I just upgraded my blue card to black and am waiting for the new physical card to arrive. I understood that I could keep using the blue card until I activated my new card but the blue card stopped working almost immediately.
After a few declines I figured I had to start using the digital card until the real card comes. So now I have to change my credit card info with all subscriptions and companies for 1-2 weeks and then change them all again when the real card comes.

It would have been nice if this was more clear. All I could find was that the old card would keep working. It doesn’t…

Hey @Etiennejb, were you still using the Blue Curve card physically or did you have it connected to Google pay/ Apple Pay etc?

In theory, it should have continued to work for 14 days or until the replacement was activated. :thinking:

Hi, I have Curve set up so I can pay with my iPhone. It just stopped working after I upgraded. Every time I tried to pay it was declined with an error “Make sure you are using the details of your active curve card for this transaction”.
After I removed the blue card and entered the virtual black card it worked normally again.