Bluetooth tracking....pie in the sky?

Maybe not so pie in the sky as there are already products like Orbit Card and Safe Dome on the market - which are not payment cards, but maybe there’s a way to integrate this technology with a standard payment card.

I cant count the amount of times I misplace my wallet, keys etc. I think this would make for a far more intriguing proposition than say a metal card.

Saying that of course, the current form factor of a card to make payment in the future is likely to dwindle and probs be replaced with a ring, watch, bracelet for example. We are already able to use our phones.

I like the idea of this.

I’ve check both sites out. Most reviews online are for Orbit. But I like the idea of Wireless charging with Safedom.

Considering buying one. Have you tried either?

I bought Orbit. It works, but there are two reasons I stopped using it.

  1. I missed the tile integration with Siri, Alexa and Google Home etc
  2. I kept forgetting to charge it, and since it lasts about 2 weeks. I would constantly forget to top it up.

Other than that the Orbit Card worked pretty well. It’s a shame it’s just sat in a drawer now.

You have a Tile now? How do they compare? I have seen those version that are slim enough to fit into your wallet.

Yeah I use a tile now. I have a tile slim in my wallet and a tile mate on my bag and a tile prop on my keys.

I love how they integrate with everything. And the pro has a replaceable battery, so it’s less costly and wasteful than previous versions.

Definitely recommend tile, my GF and family all have one based on my recommendation.

Edit: The tile slim is about 2 non-embossed cards thin. I have a card wallet and it fits the slim perfectly fine.

Thanks for the info @dan_baker

You’ve convinced me! Tile it is!!

The Tile Slim (ideal for a slim wallet) does that have a changeable battery?

I see in Tile’s website they do a premium service? Not sure if that’s worth it?

The tile slim isn’t replaceable or rechargeable. The battery lasts about a year and you get notified by email and in app when you need to replace it. How I find my tiles last a little longer than that. So I get the notification, then wait a week, then shop around and then replace it about 3 weeks after the notification. But your mileage may vary.

And I personally don’t pay for the premium service. I was a little sour after I beta rested some of the features without being told they will be paid. Then they were made paid for.

Thanks for the info @dan_baker

I’ve just ordered a Tile Slim.

Looking at the Tile website, there is something called “reTile” – Replacement at a discount scheme?

That’s exactly it. When you get the notification saying you need to replace it, you will be able to buy a new one at like significant discount.

It almost always works out cheaper to ‘retile’ than amazon etc.

Not sure how it works with the pro, but the batteries are so cheap - I’ve just ordered a 10 pack from Costco!

Thanks for all the info @dan_baker.

I hopefully will receive my tile in a couple of days.

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No problem. Happy to help!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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I have just seen the promo video and it hooked me :smile:
Do you know if it fits nicely in the Tumi wallet?

I have a Tumi wallet and have ordered the Tile Slim today - So should have the Tile in a couple of days. I’ll let you know. :wink:

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Thank you very much! :wink:

A few pics.


Oh yeah! I am buying it right away. Thank you for sharing dude! :wink:

Thanks, good to know that is doesn’t take up too much space. Shame that the batteries are not replaceable/rechargeable.