I have already booked numerous nights on, but have not received any cashback yet. I also selected the Cuved card when booking and the app also says “Hotel at” when booking.

however, i did not book with the app, but with the dekstop pc. is it possible that this is the reason for the error? how can i get my cashback now, please? there is also no cashback pending.


Are you referring to the 1% cashback or the reward?

If the latter, the booking should have made through Curve:

why do i have to do this via the app? isn’t it enough to use the curve card when booking via booking.
com? now i’ve easily invalidated 3000 euros in sales.

for me this is a rip-off. the curve card was used. the booking was just not converted within the app.

Because that’s what you need to do to get the cash back, it’s not a rip-off. Its just like a Cashback site operated by an Airline, you need to go via the link, so that pay curve a commission, then they’ll give you a portion of that.


I tried it again… also via the app and clicked on the link… booked a hotel and didn’t get any cashback! it’s a scam, definitely!

I’ve had a few bookings go through Curve and never once got a cashback… even when I use the app. the payments have all gone through but never got cashback.

I will definitely not recommend this card to anyone.

I can confirm that it is definitely not a scam. I booked mine last week via Curve app and it was tracked as pending.

so what am i doing wrong please? what do i have to do to get the cashback? this is really ridiculou

use the link in the app and book via the app


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Hello, I got flagged, but they did not pay me rewards even after 1 year. Did anyone get paid ?