I have already booked numerous nights on, but have not received any cashback yet. I also selected the Cuved card when booking and the app also says “Hotel at” when booking.

however, i did not book with the app, but with the dekstop pc. is it possible that this is the reason for the error? how can i get my cashback now, please? there is also no cashback pending.


Are you referring to the 1% cashback or the reward?

If the latter, the booking should have made through Curve:

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why do i have to do this via the app? isn’t it enough to use the curve card when booking via booking.
com? now i’ve easily invalidated 3000 euros in sales.

for me this is a rip-off. the curve card was used. the booking was just not converted within the app.

Because that’s what you need to do to get the cash back, it’s not a rip-off. Its just like a Cashback site operated by an Airline, you need to go via the link, so that pay curve a commission, then they’ll give you a portion of that.


I tried it again… also via the app and clicked on the link… booked a hotel and didn’t get any cashback! it’s a scam, definitely!

I’ve had a few bookings go through Curve and never once got a cashback… even when I use the app. the payments have all gone through but never got cashback.

I will definitely not recommend this card to anyone.

I can confirm that it is definitely not a scam. I booked mine last week via Curve app and it was tracked as pending.

so what am i doing wrong please? what do i have to do to get the cashback? this is really ridiculou

use the link in the app and book via the app


Hello, I got flagged, but they did not pay me rewards even after 1 year. Did anyone get paid ?

Same here. Collected cashback throughout the year 2022. Everything is pending. Customer Service does not reply anymore.

I was a fan of curve before but now they just look like a scam. Watch out when using this card and app!


I have been trying to contact Curve support multiple time regarding the promessed cashback. They DO NOT pay me

Each time I could have used another platform than curve, but since I trusted curve, I took curve.

Now they owe me about 70 pound of cashback. I even offered them to pay me with a one year free upgrade to curve black so I can try, despite I don’t think I will need it, but again I got totally ignored.

Is this normal ? Some people here are interested to do a class action ?

Hey there,

Unfortunately we can’t check your account on the forum as we’re Curve users just like you!

It’s best to get in touch with the support team through your app or through Twitter DM (@AskCurve) so they can take a look!

Alternatively, you can use the form on the support website to redirect your query to the correct team:

Please do let us know how you’re getting on! :slight_smile:

Hi Big, I have exactly the same issue. Cashback pending, no answer from customer service anymore. I hope a lot of people read this. The promises of curve aren’t worth anything.

It’s definitely a Booking dot com issue, and it’s only on the bonus cashback from when the additional cashback programme was launched (interesting that Booking has now been removed from that programme)

Incidentally, I had also chosen Booking as one of my 6 Metal 1% cashback retailers (just before the pandemic, typical…), and I have no issue getting that 1% credited - it’s almost instant. It’s just the additional [2.2%?] cashback batches that have been stuck in my Pending for months…

I also earn Booking cashback/bonus points via other routes, and these also seem to take forever and/or get stuck without manual intervention

I am same situation, i did reserve with link in Cruve app and pay with curve card in hotel and … waiting for reward back.

Very bad experience at moment.

Now booking is not avaiable to do more reservations and no reward.

Same, no big amount so I’m not worried. But no update about the issue for a month.
Also there’s a total of two available offers in the rewards tab for me now ( isn’t one of them) :stuck_out_tongue:

same here

Support replied that they have no timeframe but that they were hoping to hear more from their rewards partner in February.

In Curve speak no timeframe means that nothing will happen. There have been so many promises of issues being resolved. I think worst of all is when Curve staff, not the moderators here, but paid Curve employees, assure the community that an update will be provided and it isn’t. That’s despite repeated reminders from forum members which are simply ignored. As someone else said in another discussion today, Curve can’t be trusted which is grim for a finance company.

I don’t believe a word they say whether it’s restructuring customer support, bringing Amex back, or that just at the moment they are receiving a high level of correspondence so that a response might take a bit longer than usual. It’s total rubbish.