doesn't accept my card

I tried 3 times and always says:
Sorry, we were not able to take your payment. Please try using a different credit card or one of the payment methods below.

No notification in the curve app though, so looks like they are not even pinging the card.
First time my curve card is not accepted, anyone else?

I hadn’t had any problem with my curve card for years

Hm it might be a problem since it doesn’t accept my revolut either. Odd.

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Are you a metal investor, or have an unactivated investor card?

I had used revolut on
Maybe they started to block prepaid card

Curve isn’t a prepaid card, if you do have an old prepaid card still you need to contact them and get it changed for a Mastercard Debit.

Back of my revolt card
It says Prepaid card

Oh sorry, I thought you were talking about Curve.

Have you been in contact with customer service?

Stupid reply maybe, but the Revolut card had sufficient funds on it?

In the past when my Curve card has been declined my Revolut card was also declined… Are they both Wirecard issued? If Wirecard is down, this may cause a temporary issue on both…

Hey @Fladi, it’s probably best to get in touch with our support team ( so they can check this for you. They’ll be able to see if it’s a Curve issue!

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