Brand Campaign - Nov 2019

I see the adverts and social media posts have switched up, and this time, I like them. Not too busy, eye-catching and pretty amusing with the song phrases.

I like the use of the MasterCard logo appearing as standalone logo as well.

What’s everyone else’s thoughts?


These are actually fun! Way better than the first batch of the underground ads. I especially like the second one, because it makes it pretty clear what Curve actually is. The first one confuses me a bit. In Poland, at least, virtually all cards are contactless, so “making your cards contactless” is no perk. I don’t know about the UK, though, maybe it is something worth advertising.

At first I was quite surprised with that, because it might suggest that the service is provided by Mastercard and they might not enjoy it, but I personally think I like it that way. First of all, the Mastercard logo is just great, it’s both aesthetically pleasing (for me) and widely recognizable. Second of all, being open about being supported by a large corporation like MC is a good PR move for Curve.


Agree - 2nd one in particular is a big improvement in simplicity and explaining USP.


I’m a lot more impressed by these for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are far more concise, getting to the point quickly without the need for overcomplicated “busy” adverts. Secondly, the choice of lines from 90s/2000s music fits right in to the age group I like to think you are targeting.

Looking forward to the continued progress of the creatives :smile:


Yep, exact same thoughts! Had a laugh at the marketing around London train stations that were posted on their Instagram page this morning…

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