Brexit, now for real

Good morning,

by the end of january Curve will turn from a domestic service into a third country foreign service to every non-british european.
Right now Curve has to follow GDPR and if there was ever a dispute, I could go through local courts and all sorts of other safeguards. And I don’t trust the UK government to sign a sensible treaty (what people now call “deals”).
But I like Curve as a service. So are there plans to establish an official branch in the future EU minus UK? E. g. PayPal isn’t provided via the USA, but an EU branch in Luxembourg.

With Brexit just around the corner your customers need more than the usual wishy-washy promises, to be brutally frank.

PS: also, Curve marks all payments as being done in London. Nobody cares right now. But non-EU payments are treated differently by most underlying cards. With a range from not eligible for cashback, to being subject to additional charges for non-domestic payments. This would just break Curve for many people.


Yes but no … if UK actually leaves the EU by Jan/31st (I still want to see it) with the withdraw agreement, it will enter in an transitional period until at least December/31st. No real changes should happen until then.


The uncertainty remains. I don’t need that. Curve is neat, but not essential. I just cancel soon if they don’t go ahead with a permanent presence within the EU. Even the super duper united we stand god’s own country bestest country in the world americans understand that. PayPal Europe, Amazon Europe, Apple Europe, Google Europe, and so on.

You still have plenty of time. And yes, Curve team mentioned it a few times here in the forum that they will have some sort of EU branch then. After all the cards are issued by Wirecard (currently Wirecard UK) but Wirecards HQ is near Munich, Germany, so its no problem to have the cards issued in Germany in the future.
Many banks (including a few cards I own) charge non EU cross country sales fees, even if its in EUR, so the UK leaving EU would mean I have to pay a 2% fee IF Curve was still in the UK and even if they charge my underlying card in EUR.